What’s In My Bag: School Edition


When I was a freshman, I just to store everything in my locker. All my notebooks and text books, my lab white coat and my pencil case. Everything that was needed for school was inside my locker. I hated carrying around my notebooks and everything and taking them home, and that’s what lockers are for right?

One day, a Thursday to be exact, school was canceled for 5 days and we were given a lot of homework.  Read this chapter and do this math exercises. But I bet you guessed right, everything was inside my locker. School was closed and borrowing a book was impossible since everybody was using them. I managed to go to a friend’s house and work with her.

Since that day,  I carried everything with me. Each night I would pack my school bag with the things I need for the next day.

My backpack became a part of me, something I carry around always.  Now that I am in college, I too carry my backpack around with me all the time. My essentials in my backpack are:

My Erin Condren Planner: I need to see what I have each day. I love organizing (as you know)
Ipad: my parents gave it to me as an early birthday present, and for me to use it at college. I already downloaded tons of apps for school and organizing, plus blog stuff.
Pencil Case: I actually love color markers (Stabilos are my favorite) to write in my planner. Hello color code! And 5 high lighters to use on my notebooks.
Notebook: I am obsessed with Erin Condren’s products, specially the party pops covers. I will be using these notebooks this year with inside dividers for each class.
Wallet: well, I need money and my IDs.
Chapstick: it is starting to get chilly, and my lips are suffering. I love EOS ones.
Phone Charger: sometimes I can be out of my dorm all day, and I need to charge my phone.
Keys: how else would I get inside my room?
Gum: I also have an obsession with my teeth and moth, and with having a minty fresh breathe.
Flashdrive: in case I need to print something.

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