To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before


    I was in the bookstore and this pink book caught my attention. It is important to say that my feelings for the color pink are not precisely pretty. It is so bubbly and girly and cliche, and it is so stereotypical that it makes me puke. Ask my family what color I would never wear and it will be pink. Specially Pepto-Bismol pink. Anyhow, this girly books called my attention. “To All the Boys I Have Loved Before”  and Jenny Han’s name were written on the cover. I read the description and again, I knew how predictable the book was going to be, but it is a Han book, so I wanted it.

The book is about a girl named Lara Jean, who writes letters to the boy she loves, and that way she gets over him. She keeps the books in a small box under her bed, and no one knows about it but her. One day the letters get sent out, and the boys are able to read the letters. She was once in love with a guy who is gay now, one of her oldest friends, and the guy who happened to be his sister’s ex.  She then pretends to have a relationship with one of them and obviously we can guess the ending.

I also related to Lara Jean in some aspects. She is a girl who cares a lot about family. She is also really naive and a goodie two shoes (i don’t relate to that), but overall she is a girl with a golden heart who is also tough. I believe I am a bit like that.

Jenny Han’s style is one of the things that made me love this book. As in The Summer I Turned Pretty, Han writes in a way that traps the reader, and the way she can go to the past and again to the present without losing the readers’ attention is amazing.

Overall the story is another pretty cliche that makes girls believe in love and happy endings, and we all want that. We read books that will make us forget about what it is going on in our lives and that is okay. This is what my grandmother would call “pink little book”  and not just because the design arrangements of the cover.

I will give this book 4.5 stars since I am a Jenny Han fan, and because I really enjoyed the book.
have you read this book? did you like it?

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On 50 Shades of Grey.

    I watched 50 Shades of Grey with my friends. It was a 5$ Tuesday in the movie theater near me, and we decided to go in between class. A movie for 5$? yes please!.    Personally I liked the movie. I knew what was going to happened, and I knew it was good for what it was; a fan fiction with a poorly written dialogue ( EL James, we need to work on that). I knew i was going to watch a movie that was more sexual than romantic, one that shows a kind of abusive relationship (wasn’t Bella and Edward’s abusive too?), and one about a girl exploring a new world to her. It was going to be a movie that i needed to watch in order to have an opinion, the same as reading the book.   I know many people didn’t like the movie at all, and others are watching it for the fifth time now.  Either way, everybody has a strong opinion about the 50 Shades of F**ked Up movie.

I liked it not because I enjoy abusive relationships, and not because of the sex. Yes, there were steamy and Jaime Dornan is beyond beautiful. But I liked the movie because of how Anastasia fell for a guy, but at the same time stood for herself when she needed to. She realized it was enough, and SPOILER ALERT, left when she realized it was not a good relationship for her. She deserves flowers and hearts.  I also enjoyed it because for the entire movie I laughed. I needed Christian to say his infamous quote: “I dont make love, I f**k hard” and when that happened, i couldnt help but laugh, hard. In the book it was funny, but I didnt picture Mr. Grey with a completely poker face. I picture him saying it as “pass me the butter please” face, no emotions whatsoever but at the same time with a tranquil expression.  A normal expression actually. But when that dead-serious face said that, I cracked up. The toast scene was funny too, weird to the point of funny.

I think i also enjoyed it because the people in the movie theater interacted with the movie. When I watched Mockinjay part 1, everybody was in silence, like if they talked they would be sent to District 13. But last Tuesday, everybody laughed, commented, and interacted with the movie.  The 60 something women besides me had something to say about everything that was going on in the movie. “I thought people shaved in this century”, “d**n hot that Christian guy”, “spank her harder you guy”.

I also liked how un-perfect certain things were. First of all Jaime Dornan shaved, and that is not okay. And Dakota Johnson didnt, and that is not okay.  How Christian’s eyes were indeed beautiful, but not piercing into your soul.

Overall i liked the movie. It was good. Not Mean Girls good, but an okay i didn’t waste my 5$ good.

Did you like it?

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On Jenny Han


    This girl from my school devoured books. One per day basically.  Each day she will come to school with a new book, each day a new world in her hands. I enjoyed -still do- reading, and I did read 3 books a week, maybe two if I had projects due. But this girl, 1 per day.

I remember one day she came to school with this book called The Summer I Turned Pretty. A book that screamed “I am a cliche book about a summer love”. I said to myself that I didn’t want to read that book, I needed something with a little more adult-spice in it. I was just getting rid of The Clique series and starting to read something with more meaning than just a story about Prada tote and how hard the life of a 7th grader is. So TSITP became part of my I-won’t-read-this list.

My friend Raquel and I discovered that we both enjoy reading a lot a couple of weeks after that. We exchanged books and critiques about them. It was kind of a book club but we didn’t read the same book at the same time. While I was reading Forever by Judy Blume, she was reading a Nicholas Sparks novel that I have read before. One day she came to school with this book that seemed familiar to me. The Summer I Turned Pretty was in her hand. It was the paperback edition, and it looked used. Some of the page corners were folded, indicating where she stopped reading to go and do essential stuff like taking a bath and sleeping. I hesitated, I remember my list. “Take it, you’ll love it,” Raquel said.

Since she had recommended good books before I took it. Belly put her feet on his brother’s Steve car and he was mad. Their mom was in the back seat, and then they saw the house where they were going to spend the summer at. Where all the cliche things were about to start. That was my first thought when I read that first paragraph. MY brain was screaming cliche over and over again, and I tried to do the impossible to shut it down. After two days my brain was screaming “read it again read it again”. I fell in love with Jenny Han’s writing. I asked Raquel to give me the second book, which I did devote in a day and half. It was so good. The third and final book was going to come out that may, and I asked my parents to pre order it so I can have it with me.  The Summer trilogy became part of my favorite books list.

The story is about Belly, a girl who spends her summers in a house with the Fisher boys. The gorgerous  i-want-one Fisher boys. They know each others since they were born, and obviously Belly feels something for one of them, Condrad. But Jeremiah, the other Fisher boy, loves Belly and it is a brother love triangle that is exciting and super cute and i am just word-vomiting a lot about this. It is a romantic book that will make you cry and smile at the same time, and that will entrain you for a couple of days (in my case, a day).

The books are so marvelous and Han’s style is beautiful. She has this power of going to the past and coming back to the present without confusing you. She can make you travel to another year and get you back to where the story was with such perfection that you won’t believe it. The story is beautiful, and the style is beautifulller.  I have read a couple of her other books, Burn to Burn series and To All The Boys I Have Loved Before. All of the as marvelous as the first ones I read.

I believe that Jenny Han’s stories are really good. They are what they want to be, a good form of entrataiment for the reader.  Moreover, Han’s books are ones that will teach you a lot about writing and how beautiful it is to have our own style.

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Top 8 Chick Flicks!


Girls, there is nothing better than watching a chick flick with your friends! So go ahead an grab the pop corn for these movies!
Cinderella Story: maybe Chad Micheal Murray has something to do with it, but this movie is  great! Your favorite Disney story in modern times!
Beauty and the Briefcase: finding love in the business world is not easy, but the former Disney Channel star will make you laugh the entire movie.
10 Things I Hate About You: that poem gets me every. single. time! Not only will you laugh, but you will find yourself going “aww” a lot during this movie.
How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days: i swear there was a time when I watched this movie every week. Two bets going on at the same time, and nobody is going to give up. The end is really predictable but so romantic!
Sex and the City: do i have to explain this one?
Legally Blond: this movie is everything i look for in a chick flick. Romance, comedy and girl power!
Princess Diaries: I think the fact that I watched this movie when I was little makes me have a special connection to it. But definitely seeing Mia transforming into a princess is the perfect thing.
The Proposal: Sandra Bullock never disappoints. A funny love story that will make you laugh the entire movie

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Movies To Laugh


There are days that I just need a good laugh. Shows like FRIENDS and Big Bang Theory are great for that, but the thing I truly need is a good movie, some snacks and a cozy blanket. When I need a good laugh most likely I will watch:

she is the man: this is one, if not the best, movies by Amanda Bynes before the whole “growing up” thing.  Olivia is a girl whose school closes the female soccer team, so she pretends to be her brother in order to play the sport she loves.  Shirtless Channing Tatum, tons of good jokes and cheese-talks make this movie a must when you need a laugh.
pitch perfect: seriously, I have all of the songs stuck in my head. Becca is a girl that needs to be part of a club in her university so her dad can let her chase her dream so she joins the Bellas, an acapella group.This is the kind of movie that doesnt have a single thing that makes you laugh, is the all-together picture that cracks you up. Fat Amy is simply the best.
mean girls: do i have to explain why this movie is so perfect for when you need a laugh? Is the compassion of high school with a jungle or Karen’s stupidity (i am sorry). Maybe it is Regina’s George quotes or that this movie was co-written by Tina Fey.
john tucker must die: I can quote the movie. No joke. John is a player who has girlfriends from different groups. Kate finds out this and tell it to the girls. They want to get even. I swear, the revenge plans they do are the best! Between hormones and herpes (yes, i know) this movie will have you laughing the entire time
dispicable me: no judging! the minions are so cute, so are the girls! And Gru is one of the most hilarious villains ever.
legally blonde: a typical sorority girl at Harvard Law? this is not only a hilarious movie, but a girl power one too!
Even if at first Elle goes there to follow a guy, she stays to prove that she can be an amazing lawyer.
sleepover: this movie is 10 years old! I feel old! Julie and Hannah are best friends finishing middle school. Their dream is to be able to eat by the fountain when they are in high school to be with the popular crow. But the problem is, Hanna is leaving, and they are not popular. They do a scavenger hunt  against the popular clique and the price is, yes you guessed right, the fountain.
emperor’s new groove:  so Kuzco gets transformed into a llama by this crazy woman and her assistance. I know is a kids movie, but it is so funny.
you might also like:

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This week was the 10th anniversary of the last episode of FRIENDS. We can all say that we cried when those 6 put down their keys. Scratch that, we still cry when we see re-runs of the series.  I was a 9-year-old when the episode premiered, and truth be told, I didn’t watch it that night. I was aware of the existence of this tv show, but I’ve hadn’t watched it.

I was turning 12, when I turned on the TV and saw Pheobe singing “Smelly Cat”. I started to watch it, and thank you TV, for showing two episodes in a row. I became hooked. I believe I was watching the 3rd season or so, but I understood everything. FRIENDS has this power of letting you watch random episodes and still understand everything that is happening.

FRIENDS is simple, yet kind of complicated. Pheobe’s grandma was a cat and Ross had a monkey as a pet. Monica dated his ex’s son –or she tried- and Joey let this random guys rob his apartment. Chandler’s dad was a transgender, and Rachel’s ex-fiance married her former best friend.  But this made FRIENDS beautiful. The life of the 6 was weird; they did some things that I questioned as a viewer. Yet, the series was realistic.

FRIENDS wasn’t just a TV show that made us laugh and cry. When Rachel got off the plane I was crying a river, SHE GOT OFF THE EFFING PLANE TO BE WITH ROSS. Sorry, I got carried away. FRIENDS was also a show that taught us many lessons.  I learned from Rachel that it’s ok to be a little selfish and shopaholic if you are a good person and a good friend. Pheobe taught me it is completely fine to be a little crazy and to be yourself. Chandler taught me that it’s fine if I laugh about myself, it means I love me. Ross, that I can be a geek and still be happy and have many friends. Joey showed me that I can be sensitive, and that doesn’t mean I’m weak , and Monica embraced her OCD, and so should I.

Of course they gave me a humongous amount of quotes to use on a daily basis. I really can’t write them all, they are many. When someone wants to steal my food I use Joey’s phrase “ORLY DOESNT SHARE FOOD”

Or when someone from the opposite sex has an opinion about PMS “NO UTERUS, NO OPINION”

And the word that defines the moment when you are prepared for DANGEEER!. “UNAGI”

When I see a couple being together. He is her lobster. Or actually when I’m with my boyfriend. He is my lobster, I know it.
If you are reading this, you are my lobster and my Chandler.

FRIENDS ended 10 years ago, but the memories are still with us.

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Eleanor and Park


Eleanor and Park has been on my reading list even before it came out. I remember reading about it on Seventeen Magazine, and I wanted to read that book. I loved reading, it was my escape, but for some reason (lack of time and Netflix) I became negligent about reading. This year I read The Fault in our Stars and Looking for Alaska, both books by John Green, and loved them. I also read The Spectacular Now, but that’s it.

Going from reading three books a week to just reading three a year is horrible! I wanted to pick up reading with a YA love story, and I decided to go with Eleanor and Park. The book is about those two. Eleanor, a red head of a family with tons of domestic problems and Park, an Asian boy who is part of a middle class family. Of course, they fall in love. It can be described by many as the typical love story where two people from different worlds fall for one another. And yet, the book is so much more. It is about being a teenager and bullying, domestic violence and high school. It has everything.

It is really great how the love story is written. It is simple yet truthful. I remembered what is like to fell in love for the first time. How you try to be with that person but you are also afraid. The first kiss and the first touch.

The thing is, I really liked reading it until I had a few pages left. And no, it is not the case of “I am finishing my book” sadness.  The book ends kind of sad to me, I was rooting for a different ending. I’m trying no not spoil the end, but  I really wanted a happy, truly happy, ending. Because they deserved it.

I would give this book 4/5 stars.

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Orange Is The New Black



June 6th. I’ve been waiting for June 6, 2014 for a long time. Yes, The Fault in our Stars premiered today, and even if I loved the book, I’m happier than Orange is the New Black, season 2, was released today.

Last year my big brother told my dad and me that there is this new series on Netflix that he binged on.  My dad and I started to watch it, and I have to admit it was a little uncomfortable watching all those sex scenes and lady parts innuendos with him. But we loved it; we watched it and watched it until they were no more episodes left. My dad thought of reading the book, and I think he did, and I tried, but it was so different from what I watched that my mind was messing with me, so no book for me, sadly.

The series is gross, it’s vulgar, obscene. It’s is great, it’s brilliant, addictive. It is amazingly well done, how each character is developed and the stories behind each inmate. How you grow towards certain people (hey Nikki and Taystee) and how you hate others -yep, I don’t like Chapman or Pornstarn that much. And you know something is wrong when you put Piper and Mendez in the same group of people. But that’s one of the things that makes this show so awesome. We love to hate them.

Truth to be told, sometimes you need a break from OITNB. The series is great, but sometimes overwhelming. I need breaks to do things like eat or sleep, and breath.  But when I’m on those breaks I need to get back to Netflix.

This season Crazy Eyes is even crazier, but I loved her story and how she is the reason Piper is back to Litchfield. She has become more aggressive since Vee appeared, and I must say that she really likes the new Queen Bee, because Susie threw her pie for her. And at first I liked Vee too, she brought some kind of woman power at the beginning, but now I hate her. She is such a bully.  She created this network, a dangerous one, inside prison. Red used to have her own followers, and the Latino girls too, but Vee brought it to a whole new level.  I used to LOVE Tayste, I thought she was hilarious in every single way, and then her “boss” ruined it.  She ruined everything. Janae went to the SHU, again, thanks to her. I know, I know, I’m ranting a lot about Vee, but she deserves it.  Red went down last season; she was on the top of the food chain and went straight down to the bottom.  But she knows her prison, and thanks to contraband and pipes, she scrolled up again. Go Red!  She got back her clique -maybe not the original one, but she got one.  A cucu old one. I liked how Morello seems all good and peaceful and it’s actually completely crazy and mad. I always thought Christopher was made up, that he didn’t exist. But he does, just not in the way Morello says he does. And Miss Rosa is actually a kick ass. A criminal kick ass, but still. Piper’s ex fiancé loves her best friend, Alex is away and she is dealing with other things in her life that are making her go nuts. She is alone in this world, and she finally realized that. And then we have Soso, a new annoying character that I personally want to punch in the face even if she is sweet.

Now let’s talk about the staff of Litchfield. I didn’t like Haley during season 1, but for some reason has gained my respect right now. Bennett became though, then soft, then though, and then the good guy we all like. Figueroa got what she deserves and Capputo took her place, and in his second day two inmates escaped. Pornstar got back at the end of episode 8, and by the 10th he was gone again,wohoo.   Also, Caputo is in a band. How great is that?

Each character is so well developed and the actors who personalize them are great. Sometimes I watch a series and there is always an actor that does a horrible job. Not in this case. Everything is perfectly done on OITNB. Thank you, Ber, for telling me to watch this.

When is season 3 going to happen?!

PS: If you, like me, were expecting to actually hear the whole “It’s not an eggplant, he is retarded” joke, don’t hold by breath.

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TV Couples


I love, love TV shows. I get obsess with them and normally binge on them. My favorite part of TV shows – and I have to be completely honest- is the love scenes. When the couples are together being romantic melts my heart.  I gather some of my favorite TV couples, in no particular order, and wanted to show them to you.

Nathan and Haley:  Always and Forever. Can this couple be more perfect? Nathan was a mean jock who was always on the top of the world. He wanted to take down his half-bro Lucas. Enter Hailey! The geeky, smart girl who change Nathan into a better person. These two lovelies are always there for each other. No matter what, they are for one another. LOVE THIS COUPLE! The only thing I actually don’t like about them is that they are not together in real life! Why James and Bethany? Why why?

Chuck and Blair: ok, so this one is a must. Their relationship is so predictable; of course they were going to end up together. And they had a kid! The thing I love about them is how soft they get when they are together. They are despicable, and schemes and always planning something to take down someone, but they are adorable together! I almost cried when they got married, that was a moment I was waiting for since Blair asked him to say those three words.
Monica and Chandler: this one has a special meaning for me. I have my Chandler, and love him. I love how these two can be lovers and best friends all together. They joke around each other but support one another 100%.  And I love how their personalities complete each other: the funny sarcastic clumsy guy with the OCD ,chef, obsess with winning woman. LOVE IT
Cory and Topanga: it’s been so, so long since I watched these two together, but good news, they are coming back to our screen! I always loved these two. Topanga was these weird kid and Cory the cool guy. But even that, they loved each other. That someone remember when Cory went to Disney World and kissed Topanga? That was magic.
Mitchell and Cameron: I will admit that I have skipped tons of episodes of Modern Family, but when I do watch it these two are my favorite. Of course each character in this show is great, but Mitchell and Cameron take the gold. I love how Cam is all artistic, sensitive, and a drama queen. He doesn’t give a damn on what people think, and then Mitchell, kind of up tide, caring what people think.  But they love each other, they have a family together, and that is what I find so great in them.
Ross and Rachel: he is her lobster. She is the love of his life. Since 9th grade Ross has a crush on Rachel, and years later they become a couple. Their story is perfect, except the we-were-on-a-break part.   Even if they dated other people, deep down these two loved each other *cough cough Emily*. At the end they ended up together, as it was meant to be. She got off the plane, and that is beautiful
Ted and Tracey:  can I rant? Can I please rant and cry and tell you how mad I am with How I Met Your Mother? *Spoiler Alert* WHY THE H** DID THEY KILLED HER! WHY DID YOU MAKE  ME WAIT 9 EFFING SEASONS TO KILL THE MOTHER! She was perfect for Ted, she was as geeky as him, enjoyed the same things. They were meant to be with each other, I mean: she was in his first class when he taught at college, he grabbed the iconic yellow umbrella that was hers, he dated her roommate, they were at the same party. And you are telling me that he always loved Robin? BS! Ted and tracey were perfect, just as Robin was great with Barney. Ted and Stacey relationship lasted like an episode, and still, I loved it.
Who are your favorite TV couples and why?
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 I binged on Gossip Girl a while ago. The first time I watched GG was when I was on 6th grade, and after season 1 ended, I watch the series on and off. Since I’m taking a gap year and have plenty of free time, I decided to watch all of the seasons. Two weeks and several bags of chips later, I finished all the episodes.

I have to say that when I started watching the series again, I realize how obsessed I was –still am- with Blair Waldorf. and who isn’t? She lives in a beautiful Pent House apartment in the Upper East Side, and Dorota is always there to assist her. (I heart Dorota!) She has an impeccable style and at the moment a marvelous boyfriend. Yes, Chuck Bass is even better for her, but at the beginning of Season 1 I truly believed Nate was the one for her. Silly me.

And then there was Serena Van der Woodsen, the blond, tall, beautiful bombshell who was also smart. She was so perfect, minus the drug/sex with Nate/suicidal brother/ divorce-y mother thing. She was the IT girl. Every boy wanted her –Go Lonely Boy!- and every girl wanted to be her.  Her looks and charm get her everything, and yes, I was jealous of her.

Even if I loved these two, I despise the way she and Serena rolled. They scheme and fight and turn each other down. They are friends, they love each other, and no matter what, at the end of the day they know they have one another for support. Yeah right.

I loathe the way they both sent blasts for GG to post just to turn the other down. Blair was afraid of Serena’s taking over her Queen Bee status, and obviously hated her. She took Nate’s V-Card when he was with Blair, and that is not what friends are for, and she also did that to Dan! She slept with two of Blair’s boyfriends. And yes, B was a scheming gal too. She told people at Yale that Serena killed a man, and dated the love of  S’s life .  The list goes on and on, and I believe none of these things are 100% forgivable.  Neither S nor B are saints, neither devils.  The rivalry has always been there, often transforming these two into frenemies.

And I think is what make them interesting.  I mean, I seriously don’t want a relationship like that. I like having someone who I can talk and who will be there for me no matter what, but at some point, that’s their relationship. They worked that way, and even if hate was there, they knew that deep –deep deep- down, they loved each other.

Because they are Serena and Blair. Best Friends Forever and Ever

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