Top 8 Chick Flicks!


Girls, there is nothing better than watching a chick flick with your friends! So go ahead an grab the pop corn for these movies!
Cinderella Story: maybe Chad Micheal Murray has something to do with it, but this movie is  great! Your favorite Disney story in modern times!
Beauty and the Briefcase: finding love in the business world is not easy, but the former Disney Channel star will make you laugh the entire movie.
10 Things I Hate About You: that poem gets me every. single. time! Not only will you laugh, but you will find yourself going “aww” a lot during this movie.
How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days: i swear there was a time when I watched this movie every week. Two bets going on at the same time, and nobody is going to give up. The end is really predictable but so romantic!
Sex and the City: do i have to explain this one?
Legally Blond: this movie is everything i look for in a chick flick. Romance, comedy and girl power!
Princess Diaries: I think the fact that I watched this movie when I was little makes me have a special connection to it. But definitely seeing Mia transforming into a princess is the perfect thing.
The Proposal: Sandra Bullock never disappoints. A funny love story that will make you laugh the entire movie

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Topanga Lawrence


I got super excited when they announced “Girl Meets World”. I was born 2 years after Boy Meets World premiered, and I wasn’t aware of it existence until I was 7 years old. Maybe 8.  I remember when I tuned Disney Channel and watch that show and laughed a lot. I loved the it. I loved how cute Megan was, and how stupid Eric was (I’m sorry he was). I loved the love story and the amazing bromance between Corey and Shawn. But mostly, I admired Topanga Lawrence.

Topanga was always the odd girl. She was raised by hippies, and she did tons of weird things growing up.  She was a go-green-let’s-save-the-world kind of girl, and she stayed true to herself even if her classmates, including Corey, made fun of her. I admired that, and still do. We all are afraid to be ourselves, because people will judge or treat us in certain ways. But not her, Topanga was always her, and we should learn from that.

Topanga then  transformed herself and she wasn’t just the weirdo in her class, she became the overachiever without being the Minkus and without losing herself. She was truly a feminist, going against stereotypes and rules (she asked Corey to marry her), and she was a bad-ass too. C’mon, she kissed Corey first.

She put people before her, and always helped her friends when they needed. She even chopped her hair to show Corey that appearances are not important. That’s admirable. That’s true friendship.

She also found true love, and stuck to it. Corey and Topanga were way different. They liked different things and were raised in different surrounding. Yet, they accepted each other and loved one another. I used to be jealous of that, but not anymore. (This goes to you D.)

Topanga Lawrence is an amazing role model. Did you watch the show? What do you love about her?

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The Girl Behind The Big Eye Brows

One time a boy in my grade told me that I am pretty, but I need to wax off my brows to look really pretty.   I was ten years old, yes, but I felt horrible after hearing that. I knew my eyebrows were big and full, and I knew that having kind of a uni-brow wasn’t the most attractive thing, but since I was so young I wasn’t able to do anything. My parents never liked the whole “plastic thing”, in fact, the first time I did my eyebrows was when I was 12 years old and I was going to many bar and batmitzbahs.

Anyhow, that day I went home kind of sad. My eyebrows made me ugly. Then I remembered that my dad once said I look like Brooke Shields because of my eyebrows. He also reminded me the time a lady stopped me at the market and told me not waxed them up; that they are beautiful.
When  grew a little older, as I said before, I got rid of the uni-brow. After a few years I start taking more care of my eyebrows. I let them be big and full, without looking bad.

People now tell me how pretty my eyebrows are. they ask me what shadow I use on them so they can look this full, and I answer that I use  nothing.  I am proud of my eyebrows, they make me unique and beautiful in my own way. They are my statement,  They are mine, and  I love them. I am the girl behind the big eye brows.

To the boy who told me that I would look better with thinner brows, what do you think now? Am I not pretty?
And to the girl who feels like something in her body is not pretty, think twice about that. You are pretty, beautiful in fact. That is what makes you unique.

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Joan Rivers Z’L


A couple of days ago I bought Fro-Yo and watched Joan Rivers: a Piece of Work. Today, I decided to work on my blog with some Fro-Yo, when I heard the news. Joan Rivers passed away today, at the age of 81.

She has been in the hollywood business for a long, long time. Many remember her as the Joan Rivers at the Tonight Show, others for the Joan Rivers Show. I remember her, as most of the people from our generation, as the sarcastic, dark humor, mean and fabulous, Fashion Police Joan Rivers.

She was a woman that worked hard and earned what she had. She said that a bad week for her was an empty week, and she rather have one thing after another than stay at home doing nothing. I admire that.

She was extremely close to her daughter, Melissa. And who doesnt love their reality show?

I was extremely sad when I read that she passed away. That Fashion Police wont be the same anymore.

May you rest in peace, Joan Rivers Z’L.

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Jennifer Lawrence


t is weird, I actually don’t remember knowing who she was. I knew who Liam Hemsworth was; Miley’s sexy boyfriend and the dude from “Last Song”, and I had an obsession with Josh Hutcherson. But J-Lawrence? I don’t know if I saw her in any movie before Hunger Games.

I remember when I read the Hunger Games Trilogy. I imagined every character and for some reason, when the cast for the movie was announced, I was happy. They were exactly what I had imagined.  I watched the trailer and videos of interviews on YouTube. J-Lawrence became my role model.

She is one of the most authentic actresses on Hollywood. She says what is on her mind, no matter if she is hungry or wants to talk about her brothers being mean to her.  When she was asked what the best part about filming underwater was, she said that she could pee whenever she wanted. And when they asked her about her dress, instead of saying the designer or the story behind it, she just answered “this is the top, and this is the bottom”. She also makes jokes and makes fun of her co-workers, which is only fair because they –specially Josh- do the same to her.  And that is another thing; those two are super close, like best friends.  Jennifer asked Josh if his rash was gone on a red carpet, how cool are they?

J-Lawrence also loves food, and she doesn’t do crazy diets. She believes in being healthy, and setting a good example to little girls. She doesn’t want people to starve just to look like Katniss. She looks healthy, pretty. She sets an example where being healthy is more important than the definition of beauty by society.

She has been in the show business for more than 8 years, and she still gets excited when she meets a famous person. She looks like a fan girl whenever she sees Jack Nicholson or Meryl Streep or any other actor that she likes. This is amazing to me, it shows how down to earth she is. In fact, she believes that she is not doing anything extraordinary, she is just making movies. “There are doctors who save lives and firemen who run into burning buildings. I’m making movies. It’s stupid.’”

And even if she thinks the above mentioned, she is still grateful for her life. Since she is aware of her good fortune, she decided to be part of several charities like The Thirst Project, World Food Programme and Feeding America.

Her best friend is a boy with down syndrome. And this is one of my favorite things about her. She still loves him and stands by him. People discriminate; when something is different they don’t like it. Andy and J had been best friends for a long time. He is her biggest fan, and always supports her as she supports him.

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guest post: Cher Horowitz


Guest Post by Hayden Pigott

Hayden Pigott is a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing a degree in Journalism. She loves Seersucker, Clueless, Creamsicle Ice Cream, and Vogue. She started Haute Table in high school and is currently working on a new project, District Magazine.

All of us have seen Clueless at least once (if you haven’t 1. what is wrong with you? and 2. get out your planner and schedule a time to watch it Clueless is one of the greatest movies of my generation, and it isn’t just some girl movie to sit around, eat Ben & Jerry’s and laugh at the characters. It should be taken seriously because it represents so many issues in our common, everyday lives.

So, if you have seen Clueless, you might be wondering why I think Cher is inspirational, I mean she is pretty much a ditz throughout the entire movie right?


Cher proved to the 90s generation that you do not have to be the smartest person (I mean you can always argue your way to the grade right?), you just have to be a kind. She, clearly isn’t very bright, but she does understand people and their basic wants and needs. She is the person on the airplane that helps everyone else put their oxygen mask on before herself, because that is her nature, to be kind. She has the honest want to help people. She is constantly trying to fix people’s problems, even if she doesn’t focus on her own. Cher is selfless.

We all have a piece of Cher in us. Whether it be our fashion inspiration, the want to have a closet like hers, our kind heartedness, our need to help, our need to fix things, or our want to be able to date Paul Rudd back then, Cher is in us.

I first watched Clueless my junior year of high school. I fell in love. The fashion, the phrases, the people, they were so perfect. And Cher was the best. She doesn’t care what others think (to an extent). She wears what she wants, dates who she wants, and believes what she wants. She isn’t afraid to say how she feels. Which is how I wanted to be at that point in my life. I was really struggling with the stress of school and other things I was involved in. But I learned from Cher that I can do anything I want, I just have to try.

Cher inspires me everyday to try a different outfit and to be myself. Because of her I do what I want, when I want, and I won’t settle for anything. She instilled that in me and I am so thankful for it.

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Share Your Dream


I never was the straight As kind of girl. Not because I wasn’t capable of achieving it, but because I didn’t try harder.  I had a good GPA though, and many extracurricular activities that required more than my beautiful smile.

Since I can remember, people tell me I’m smart, and I believed it. It feels good when people acknowledge that. And that acknowledge is what brings me down sometimes. Yeah, that sounds weird, how can it feels good and then bring me down?

The answer: people tell me that being journalism is not enough for me. I should be a psychologist, an engineer, something that –and I’m quoting- “shows how smart you really are”, and “won’t waste your intelligence”

That is BS. That’s letting people thoughts change your believes. I believe I can be a kickass journalist, and no matter what people say, I’ll be a heck of one.

When people used to ask me what I want to do I was afraid. Everyone wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer, and I just wanted Miranda Priestly’s job. But I was ashamed; working for a magazine was shameful to me back then. I wanted people to say “ohh wow” in a good way.

People start asking me more and more what I like, often judging my decision. And you know what? Screw them. I should not be ashamed to do what I like to do, and those people think that journalism is just about writing. Every career requires intelligence, no matter what you do. If you are happy, then do it with a smile, and do not care what people think. You’ll ace whatever job you do if you enjoy it. I rather do something I love than something I hate. We all do, right?

I used to be ashamed of my dream. Now I’m not just joyful, I am proud of it. I learned that I should not be ashamed of my dream, neither of sharing it with people.

And you? What’s your dream?

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That little boy raised his voice and told his classmates “It’s time for a change! We should require Animal Crackers to be part of our lunch menu”. Every kid in kindergarten clapped. This boy is a leader, he’ll probably be a CEO, or a senator or the President of United States.

Now imagine the situation if it was a little girl. No one will clap. Instead, they will call her “bossy” or “pushy”. She then shuts up, she doesn’t speak her mind, even if her idea is brilliant. She has the qualities to lead, but those words made her insecure. She now believes that she isn’t good enough, or even if she is, no one cares.

When we grow up, we woman are called b**ch for speaking our minds.  We are bossy and pushy. I believe that that’s wrong! We all have potential to lead, no matter what our gender is. A woman can make an amazing leader, just as a man can.

Superheroes and male leaders are all around us. We grew up watching Superman save Louis or male presidents. Even video games; you find more male characters than female. And why is that? Maybe people aren’t ready to see a woman lead, and that should change.

The Girls Scouts want to Ban Bossy, and we should spread the word. #BanBossy. And show the world that women can lead too.

Because as Beyonce said “Im not bossy. I’m THE boss”

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Brooke Davis


The girl behind the red door. That”s her.

The girls who proved everyone that she is more than what people thing of her.she was truly a kick ass

I remember the first impression she made on me: she is a *insert a world that rhymes with horse here*. Why would she sit naked on Lucas’ car? She was this careless, wild, IT girl. She the rich cheer captain who everybody loved. What a cliché.  But even that, we know that B. Davis was a loyal friend from moment one. She stood beside P. Sawyer when she was drugged, and she visited her boyfriend Lucas when he was in a car accident.  She said once that she was a b**ch for the sake of being one, but that then it was for the sake of her friends. It is ok to be a b**t, and Brooke taught us that.

She grew a lot when her family lost their money. She always got whatever she wanted, and when her house was sold, she was devastated. But then she learned that her money didn’t define her. That same year she ran for school president against straight-A students. She was considered a bimbo, a party girl who couldn’t achieve something like that. she prove people wrong! She won, and she became a great president.

By senior year she had her own designs sold in a store, and later on she started her brand “Clothes over Bros”.  She was a girl who struggled with a lot of pain, with the word “not enough” in her head.  She said “people will label you. How you overcome those labels is what matters”. You go, B Davis.

When OTH had a 4-year gap, I was mad. I wanted to see how Brooke did in college. I mean, who didn’t? She owns her own company, a big one, by the age of 21. She dated super-stars and own an amazing place at Manhattan, but she decided to go back to her home, Tree Hill.  She always stood up to “0 is not a size”, trying to show girls it’s okay to have curves and not be crazy skinny. She showed us is ok to be yourself.

She adopted a troubled girl. She was the victim of an attack. She got her heart broken and her company destroyed, and she still was Brooke Davis. She overcame every obstacle she had with grace.

She also was sassy and had great come back. She never let people’s words get to her, or at least she pretended so.  She was herself, no excuses.

“She was fiercely independent, Brooke Davis. Brilliant, and beautiful, and brave […] Brooke Davis is going to change the world someday. And I’m sure she doesn’t even know it” Yes, Lucas wrote that about Brooke, but I’m sure this applies to all of us. We all are brilliant and beautiful and brave. We can change the world if we want to.

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Elle Woods


We all have watched Legally Blond at least 3 times (If you haven’t, I command you to watch it now). For most of us is more than a chick flick to watch with popcorn and diet coke. Legally Blond is the kind of movie that shows us girl power.

Elle Woods showed us that being pretty and smart is possible, that staying true to yourself is important and that you can achieve anything you want if you work hard enough.  She was considered a bimbo, a dumb blondie who couldn’t achieve anything that wasn’t related to fashion, nails or hair. More than once she kicked ass by just being her and studying hard.

When she thought she wasn’t good enough for someone –er, a boy- , she worked even harder to prove him wrong. Warner’s face when he saw Elle at Harvard Law School? Priceless!   And we are not saints, we want people to have that kind of reaction when we conquer something they thought we weren’t capable of doing. It is self-satisfaction: I conquer my Everest, I prove you wrong. In your face!

I once read that you should be a Fruit Loop in a Cheerios world. Elle show us that being the only pink dot in a grey world is even better.

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