Guest Post: Journalism

    We’ve all had moments where we’re completely unsure of ourselves, right? I know I sure have. Graduating high school and knowing I wasn’t going to my dream college in the fall wasn’t easy. Not to mention, I wasn’t passionate about my major. Long story short, it felt like I really screwed up my future. I didn’t, and I’ve come to the bold conclusion that anyone who begins to think like this probably hasn’t either.

The summer before going to college, I was constantly stressing about my academic and, eventually, professional future. I strategized by coming up with a list of schools I could apply to transfer to after the fall semester. College Board was like Facebook to me. Or Instagram actually, since Facebook has clearly been taken over by everyone’s aunts, uncles and grandmothers. However, in hindsight, my boyfriend made a pretty brilliant point when he was trying to cheer me up one day. He told me that, because I was spending all of this time worrying about my future and strategizing how I could alter it, there was no way I could fail. After all, perseverance is the ultimate work ethic.

    Now in my second semester at college (yes, the college I was dreading coming to in the fall), I’m more empowered than ever. My outlook has completely changed, but I still have the confidence that, if my attitude and academic career path wasn’t back on track, I’d have the strength to change it. In fact, I already am by changing my major.

I came to college knowing close to nothing about my intended major, journalism. I learned a lot in my first semester, one of the most important things being that I did not want to be a journalist. So, I’m now in the process of becoming an integrated marketing communications major. A broad major, integrated marketing communications could land me a career in public relations, event planning, graphic design, marketing or consulting.

One day, I’d love to open my own event planning company. I’m always checking Camille Styles’ website and lusting after her innovative entertaining ideas. I would love to help others convey their visions for important events. I’m also entertaining the idea of going for an MBA in luxury marketing if I end up concentrating on marketing during my studies. As cliché as it sounds, my future really is unwritten and I know I can write the story however I want.

    Holly is an ambitious, semi-short blonde, and the author and creative talent behind her website The Blonde Chiffon. She enjoys reading, baking and riding horses in her free time.

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4 Steps To Achieve Your Dream Career

CB&HH introduces it’s new section: YOUR CAREER. Bloggers are invited to write a post about their career, their dream job, or their current job. Anything that will inspire a reader to work hard to conquer its dream of becoming a famous singer or an engineer for Google. It’s your time to shine and inspire others too!.


1. Learn everything you can about the industry.

Find contacts and network with others who are currently involved in your field of interest; then, offer to buy them a cup of coffee and pick their brain about the industry. Read magazines, blogs, and books relating to your dream career – the more information you have, the more knowledgeable you will be when it comes time to the job-application process.


2. Don’t fall prey to saying “one day…”

Start today! Go do it now! Have you always wanted to learn a skill that could boost your attractiveness as a candidate to an employer? Whether you’ve wanted to learn to speak Spanish, learn computer coding, or write a novel, don’t wait for “one day” because “one day” doesn’t exist – there’s only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on my calendar, how about yours!?


3.Dress the part.

In order to be taken seriously as a professional in your field of interest, it’s important to follow the guidelines of the office dress code, whether these rules are formally established or merely expected. A skirt that’s deemed “too short” could send the wrong impression to a higher-up – therefore costing you that promotion you had your eye on.


Picture )

4. Work Hard.

This is a no-brainer, but just remember: no matter how much “good luck” comes your way, the most important way to achieve your dreams is to put in the work. The more passion, effort, and confidence you assert, the more likely it is that you will succeed in whatever career endeavors you embark on!

Brooke Safferman is the founder and blogger at The Pink Lyme , a brand-new fashion & lifestyle magazine that will make you smile, laugh, and love your life! Go check her blog!

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guest post: Dream Career

First off I want to thank Orly here at Coffee Beans and High Heels for letting me take over her blog for the day! I really hope that y’all enjoy this post.

A lot of people seem to get the impression that picking a career is easy. I know that in my past two years of college and my senior year of high school I was pressured to decide what I wanted to be. At first I thought I had it all figured out. I wanted to be a lawyer. So I thought I would major in English and that would give me a good basis for all the papers and reading that you have to at law school. But after exploring a class in this field I thought “dang, I really don’t think this is for me.” As a person who likes to plan things out this was crazy to me. I had two years of college under my belt and now I was deciding I should change my major. After a lot of hard thinking about the things that I really love to do I finally came to a decision that I love.

I want to be a Newscaster.
Ever since I made the decision to change my major and starting taking classes for my Broadcast Communication degree I have been really enjoying college and have gotten extremely excited about my future career. But I also know that in this field it is a lot about working your way up to the top. So while I wait to finish my degree and land an fabulous internship in News I spend time dreaming about what a career as a Newscaster will be like.
Before I started taking classes in my major I though it was a lot like the movie Morning Glory.
But it’s a lot more like this.
Now honestly the movie Morning Glory is not a totally inaccurate representation of what working for a TV network is like. It very accurately shows how busy people are at a news station, and a decent look at what all goes in to orchestration a news segment.
When it comes down to it being a newscaster requires you to have a good voice, communication skills, and to be able to follow a teleprompter. You also have to have good improvising skills to be able to come up with things on the spot if you were delivering a live broadcast. It definitely takes more skill than most people probably assume.
Another part of being a newscaster is the different outfits you’ll get to wear. Personally i’m a sucker for a good blazer and blouse combo or a great dress. I also love wearing heels (mostly because they make me taller).
Newcaster Dress


These are just a few outfits that I put together that I think would be great to wear. I really love the shoes on the fourth outfit combination. MHMMM.
Well there you have it, a little look in to my dream future career as a newscaster. If you have any questions about classes i’m taking to prepare for this career please feel free to drop me a comment on this post, on my blog Mint Sparkles, or on my twitter or Facebook. I would love to hear from you!
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guest post: Emal Organization

Hello, my name is Ally. I’m a ECU Pirate Freshman. I was born and raised in North Carolina. I’m a bit of a perfectionist who loves anything organized and preppy. I believe that everyone deserves to believe in themselves and be who they are and my blog helps girls reach that.  Check her blog Preppy Little Lesbian
____________________________________________________________________________________________For any person as OCD as I am everything in your life has to be organized. From your iPhone apps, to your agenda. One thing I’ve always struggled with is my email. When I was younger I never checked my email and when I finally did, there were usually 200 unread messages. Now that I’m older I’ve completely started over. I have two email addresses: yahoo for my personal email and gmail for my blog email. I absolutely have to get organized or I will never be able to find anything again. So I’m going to go through both email hosts and show you how to organize your email.


Clear it out// I usually keep my personal or yahoo email inbox pretty clean. I hardly ever have anything in there. It annoys the heck out of me when there are tons of emails on there when I’m looking at it on my phone!Folders// USE FOLDERS. It clears the message out of your email inbox and stores it into another place and organizes it all. As you can see I have one for college, ECU, Prep Talks (, and my yoga studio’s newsletters. It’s so easy to be able to go back and find something.

There aren’t that many options for organizing on yahoo mail. I think gmail is easier for that.


As you can see my gmail is not as clean as my yahoo. There’s always so much going on in my blog email!Labels// USE LABELS. You can color code them (yay) and you can see right on your email inbox what emails are for what without trying to read the subject bar or one line description.

Important or star// When I label something as important or star it, it means I have to do something with that email. I need to reply, or reference back to it. When you do this, it also saves it into it’s own folder and you can look back and click on the “important” folder and see what kinds of things you need to do. Basically a to do list for me.

Primary and social// This is one thing I LOVE about gmail. It filters everything that’s from an actual person and what’s from twitter, tumblr, etc. I LOVE that. I love being able to see what followers I got on twitter BUT I don’t want it on my main email when I’m trying to work.

I used to be a yahoo girl through and through. But I decided to try gmail for my blog and I have to say, I definitely like gmail more now. If I had to recommend one, it would definitely be gmail!

What ways do you organize your email?

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