Pomodoro Technique


When you are in college, you should work 2 hours outside the classroom for every 1 hour inside the classroom. That is what I was told during my freshman orientation. I freaked out when I heard that. Normally I study what I have to study and I am pretty quick at that. For some reason, it takes me no time to memorize something or resolve math problems. But it’s been a year since I actually sat down and studied, and I lost my ability of studying everything on time.

A while ago my brother posted on Facebook an article about the Pomodoro Technique. It was actually an article about the book that explains on detail what the P.E is.

When you cook something, you set a timer. If you are old fashioned and use kitchen appliances, you will be familiar with the kitchen timers. Most of them are on the shape of a Pomodoro Tomato. The idea behind the pomodoro technique is to use a timer and stick to it. Basically you will set the timer for 25 minutes, and will study (and do nothing else) for those 25 minutes. When the timer goes off, you will have a 5 minute break to do anything; pee, do a fishtail, jump up and down. When the 5-minute-break lapses, you will go back to study something else.

This technique will help you manage your time and study in a better way. You should be able to finish a task under a pomodoro time, or you can use more than one. You will be able to save time do your task under time.

I am using this technique now that I am in college. When I get back from my classes I sit down and grab my math homework. I work on it for 25 minutes, have a break for 5 minutes, and then I will read my psychology chapters for 25 minutes. I do this until I am done with my assignments for the day, and I have been able to manage my time perfectly.

Have you ever tried the Pomodoro Technique? Has it work for you?

disclaimer: no, this is not a sponsored post.

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What’s In My Bag: School Edition


When I was a freshman, I just to store everything in my locker. All my notebooks and text books, my lab white coat and my pencil case. Everything that was needed for school was inside my locker. I hated carrying around my notebooks and everything and taking them home, and that’s what lockers are for right?

One day, a Thursday to be exact, school was canceled for 5 days and we were given a lot of homework.  Read this chapter and do this math exercises. But I bet you guessed right, everything was inside my locker. School was closed and borrowing a book was impossible since everybody was using them. I managed to go to a friend’s house and work with her.

Since that day,  I carried everything with me. Each night I would pack my school bag with the things I need for the next day.

My backpack became a part of me, something I carry around always.  Now that I am in college, I too carry my backpack around with me all the time. My essentials in my backpack are:

My Erin Condren Planner: I need to see what I have each day. I love organizing (as you know)
Ipad: my parents gave it to me as an early birthday present, and for me to use it at college. I already downloaded tons of apps for school and organizing, plus blog stuff.
Pencil Case: I actually love color markers (Stabilos are my favorite) to write in my planner. Hello color code! And 5 high lighters to use on my notebooks.
Notebook: I am obsessed with Erin Condren’s products, specially the party pops covers. I will be using these notebooks this year with inside dividers for each class.
Wallet: well, I need money and my IDs.
Chapstick: it is starting to get chilly, and my lips are suffering. I love EOS ones.
Phone Charger: sometimes I can be out of my dorm all day, and I need to charge my phone.
Keys: how else would I get inside my room?
Gum: I also have an obsession with my teeth and moth, and with having a minty fresh breathe.
Flashdrive: in case I need to print something.

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Ipad Apps for Students


My parents gave me an Ipad for college. It is an early birthday present and something to help me thru my college life. If you read my post on How I Organize My Iphone Apps, you know that I love apps and organizing them. Now that I have an Ipad, I couln’t help but download apps that every student should have.

PLANNERS: yes, you know how much I love planning and organizing, and I found some apps that are super helpful when it comes to this.
boximize: this app lets you create lists. They are called collections and you have every kind of lists that you want. Each “collection” is different and have specific things to fill out. Currently I am using the “Expenses” one to write what I am buying, so when I add something to this list I can write the description, amount spent, type of expense, date, receipt and more.  You can add a collection of member cards and business cards that will include the name and a picture of it. You also have to-do lists, movies, contacts, diet log, recipes, and more.

    myhomework: I am IN LOVE with this app. Seriously. So when you open the app you will have a dashboard for classes and another for  homework so you can have an overall view.  at the left of the app you will find “calendar”, “homework”, “teachers” and more. If you click calendar and choose a certain day it will show you the classes you have that day, the assignments due and the monthly calendar. This is a perfect way to have your school schedule and see the assignments due certain days. I do have my planner, my Erin Condren one, which I will show you how I use it soon. I do write my due dates on it, but I don’t write my schedule because it changes every three months. This app is perfect for me to see my classes and the dates with no problem.
    evernote: if someone knows how to use it, please let me know. I know is a great app for organizing and keeping everything together, but I have no idea how to use it properly.

STUDYING: carrying my computer around is not part of my plan, it is super heavy and I dont want to damage my back.  I downloaded some apps that will help me with classes.
keynote, numbers and pages: so basically these are powerpoint, excel and word. You can download documents and see them on your Ipad and have them handy.
adobe reader: I think I have recieved more pdf documents than anything else as study guides, so this app is a must.
duolingo: ok, maybe I won’t have time to study by myself a new language, but this app is great for that. I want to learn Italian at some point, and if I take it at college this app will help me improve.

   kindle: i do own a kindle, but having it on my Ipad will allow me to buy/rent books and see the pictures with no problems.
chegg: talking about books, chegg is great for renting them! they are cheaper than most bookstores and you can rent ebooks too!
  studyblue: this is an app for digital flashcards. You write what you want on the front and the answer on the back and then the app tests you and gives you a result. Love this app for studying concepts.
easypomodoro: the pomodoro effect is a great way to study. This app will help you with this tactic. Yes, I know I can use the stop-watch, but this is prettier!

I also downloaded apps to use for my blog, such as bloglovin, photoshop express, weebly, and social media.
What apps help you with school?

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Packing For College Tips


I know. You probably have already moved to your dorm. You already unpacked everything and yes, most likely you don’t advice on something that for you isn’t new. Before coming to college I spent tons of hours on Pinterest trying to find the perfect “College Packing List” out there. I swear, I read at least 25 packing lists, and I tried to merge them, but why in the world would I need a pizza cutter if the pizza comes already cut? Or why should I bring  a screwdriver if the furniture is already given by the university? Yes, maybe some people need this things, but I dont. I did my own packing list thinking about what would I actually need, and what was written in some of those packing lists on the internet. I think that each person needs different stuff, and a packing list should be personal. Yet, I am here to share with you some tips that helped me a lot when I packed:

one: forget about the shirt that says the year you graduated and the one you were given at band, cheerleading camp or any other club. Yes, this are the best pj’s out there, but you will receive so many of them when you are in college that the old ones will be sitting there, at the end of your tiny, college wardrobe.

two: talk to your roommates.  It will be awkward if both of you bring the exact same thing for the room. Talk and see who will bring the rug and the trash can.

three: buy your shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and more once you move in. This things take space, and maybe they will spill on your suitcase. I bet that you will have a drugstore or a place to buy this things near campus. You will save space and once you are unpacked you can focus on your bathroom.

four: at least two sets of sheets and two sets of towels. You will need one while the other is being washed.

five: don’t packed a lot of shoes! Pack ones you can wear with different clothes and pack comfortable ones too.

six: read your school policy. Maybe you are not allowed to bring that thing you want to, but takes so much space.

hope this tips help you when you have to pack for college.

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The Girl Behind The Big Eye Brows

One time a boy in my grade told me that I am pretty, but I need to wax off my brows to look really pretty.   I was ten years old, yes, but I felt horrible after hearing that. I knew my eyebrows were big and full, and I knew that having kind of a uni-brow wasn’t the most attractive thing, but since I was so young I wasn’t able to do anything. My parents never liked the whole “plastic thing”, in fact, the first time I did my eyebrows was when I was 12 years old and I was going to many bar and batmitzbahs.

Anyhow, that day I went home kind of sad. My eyebrows made me ugly. Then I remembered that my dad once said I look like Brooke Shields because of my eyebrows. He also reminded me the time a lady stopped me at the market and told me not waxed them up; that they are beautiful.
When  grew a little older, as I said before, I got rid of the uni-brow. After a few years I start taking more care of my eyebrows. I let them be big and full, without looking bad.

People now tell me how pretty my eyebrows are. they ask me what shadow I use on them so they can look this full, and I answer that I use  nothing.  I am proud of my eyebrows, they make me unique and beautiful in my own way. They are my statement,  They are mine, and  I love them. I am the girl behind the big eye brows.

To the boy who told me that I would look better with thinner brows, what do you think now? Am I not pretty?
And to the girl who feels like something in her body is not pretty, think twice about that. You are pretty, beautiful in fact. That is what makes you unique.

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Erin Condren Shopping Haul


A while ago I discovered Erin Condren. I needed a planner, found hers and bought it. Then, I decided to buy many accessories to use with my planner, because let’s face it, the prettier the planner the happier the owner.  I bought:

SUMMER BUNDLE: it was a promotion she had last month. Inside a plastic clutch were the summer edition of the designer stickers, a pen holder, coil clips, pens, and a sample of her body lotion. Coil clips were something I thought I was going to need, and even if I haven’t use them, I know I will soon. The pen holder is great to hold my red marker, the one I use to check things out of my to do list, and the pens are great, they don’t lick or bleed and the colors are fine, not great but fine.  And the designer sticker sheets, I think is the main thing about this. I am not loving the designs as much as I thought I will. I love the scales and anchor ones, but I am not too fund of the others. I am sure I will find a good use to them soon.

COVERS: mixed feelings about them. They are beautiful, and it is so hard to choose just one! But when I bought my planner I choose party pops and loved it when I saw my planner. I have bought the wild cover with a quote, and the gold edition one, but I am not sure when I will use them. Maybe I will coordinate the cover with my outfit or occasion.
NOTEPADS: they are great, and you can match them to your covers. I got two, one for party pops on white (it looks prettier than black) and the wild one with the matching quote. I paste the notepad at the end of my planner (back cover) but it was to bulky for me. I put it now on the “keep it together” pocket.
Since the planner gets bulkier and bulkier, I bought the elastic bands in golden.
And of course, my planner!
If you want to get 10$ off of your first purchase, sign up here.
*this is not a sponsored post.
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Joan Rivers Z’L


A couple of days ago I bought Fro-Yo and watched Joan Rivers: a Piece of Work. Today, I decided to work on my blog with some Fro-Yo, when I heard the news. Joan Rivers passed away today, at the age of 81.

She has been in the hollywood business for a long, long time. Many remember her as the Joan Rivers at the Tonight Show, others for the Joan Rivers Show. I remember her, as most of the people from our generation, as the sarcastic, dark humor, mean and fabulous, Fashion Police Joan Rivers.

She was a woman that worked hard and earned what she had. She said that a bad week for her was an empty week, and she rather have one thing after another than stay at home doing nothing. I admire that.

She was extremely close to her daughter, Melissa. And who doesnt love their reality show?

I was extremely sad when I read that she passed away. That Fashion Police wont be the same anymore.

May you rest in peace, Joan Rivers Z’L.

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Jennifer Lawrence


t is weird, I actually don’t remember knowing who she was. I knew who Liam Hemsworth was; Miley’s sexy boyfriend and the dude from “Last Song”, and I had an obsession with Josh Hutcherson. But J-Lawrence? I don’t know if I saw her in any movie before Hunger Games.

I remember when I read the Hunger Games Trilogy. I imagined every character and for some reason, when the cast for the movie was announced, I was happy. They were exactly what I had imagined.  I watched the trailer and videos of interviews on YouTube. J-Lawrence became my role model.

She is one of the most authentic actresses on Hollywood. She says what is on her mind, no matter if she is hungry or wants to talk about her brothers being mean to her.  When she was asked what the best part about filming underwater was, she said that she could pee whenever she wanted. And when they asked her about her dress, instead of saying the designer or the story behind it, she just answered “this is the top, and this is the bottom”. She also makes jokes and makes fun of her co-workers, which is only fair because they –specially Josh- do the same to her.  And that is another thing; those two are super close, like best friends.  Jennifer asked Josh if his rash was gone on a red carpet, how cool are they?

J-Lawrence also loves food, and she doesn’t do crazy diets. She believes in being healthy, and setting a good example to little girls. She doesn’t want people to starve just to look like Katniss. She looks healthy, pretty. She sets an example where being healthy is more important than the definition of beauty by society.

She has been in the show business for more than 8 years, and she still gets excited when she meets a famous person. She looks like a fan girl whenever she sees Jack Nicholson or Meryl Streep or any other actor that she likes. This is amazing to me, it shows how down to earth she is. In fact, she believes that she is not doing anything extraordinary, she is just making movies. “There are doctors who save lives and firemen who run into burning buildings. I’m making movies. It’s stupid.’”

And even if she thinks the above mentioned, she is still grateful for her life. Since she is aware of her good fortune, she decided to be part of several charities like The Thirst Project, World Food Programme and Feeding America.

Her best friend is a boy with down syndrome. And this is one of my favorite things about her. She still loves him and stands by him. People discriminate; when something is different they don’t like it. Andy and J had been best friends for a long time. He is her biggest fan, and always supports her as she supports him.

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guest post: Cher Horowitz


Guest Post by Hayden Pigott

Hayden Pigott is a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing a degree in Journalism. She loves Seersucker, Clueless, Creamsicle Ice Cream, and Vogue. She started Haute Table in high school and is currently working on a new project, District Magazine.

All of us have seen Clueless at least once (if you haven’t 1. what is wrong with you? and 2. get out your planner and schedule a time to watch it right.now.). Clueless is one of the greatest movies of my generation, and it isn’t just some girl movie to sit around, eat Ben & Jerry’s and laugh at the characters. It should be taken seriously because it represents so many issues in our common, everyday lives.

So, if you have seen Clueless, you might be wondering why I think Cher is inspirational, I mean she is pretty much a ditz throughout the entire movie right?


Cher proved to the 90s generation that you do not have to be the smartest person (I mean you can always argue your way to the grade right?), you just have to be a kind. She, clearly isn’t very bright, but she does understand people and their basic wants and needs. She is the person on the airplane that helps everyone else put their oxygen mask on before herself, because that is her nature, to be kind. She has the honest want to help people. She is constantly trying to fix people’s problems, even if she doesn’t focus on her own. Cher is selfless.

We all have a piece of Cher in us. Whether it be our fashion inspiration, the want to have a closet like hers, our kind heartedness, our need to help, our need to fix things, or our want to be able to date Paul Rudd back then, Cher is in us.

I first watched Clueless my junior year of high school. I fell in love. The fashion, the phrases, the people, they were so perfect. And Cher was the best. She doesn’t care what others think (to an extent). She wears what she wants, dates who she wants, and believes what she wants. She isn’t afraid to say how she feels. Which is how I wanted to be at that point in my life. I was really struggling with the stress of school and other things I was involved in. But I learned from Cher that I can do anything I want, I just have to try.

Cher inspires me everyday to try a different outfit and to be myself. Because of her I do what I want, when I want, and I won’t settle for anything. She instilled that in me and I am so thankful for it.

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This week was the 10th anniversary of the last episode of FRIENDS. We can all say that we cried when those 6 put down their keys. Scratch that, we still cry when we see re-runs of the series.  I was a 9-year-old when the episode premiered, and truth be told, I didn’t watch it that night. I was aware of the existence of this tv show, but I’ve hadn’t watched it.

I was turning 12, when I turned on the TV and saw Pheobe singing “Smelly Cat”. I started to watch it, and thank you TV, for showing two episodes in a row. I became hooked. I believe I was watching the 3rd season or so, but I understood everything. FRIENDS has this power of letting you watch random episodes and still understand everything that is happening.

FRIENDS is simple, yet kind of complicated. Pheobe’s grandma was a cat and Ross had a monkey as a pet. Monica dated his ex’s son –or she tried- and Joey let this random guys rob his apartment. Chandler’s dad was a transgender, and Rachel’s ex-fiance married her former best friend.  But this made FRIENDS beautiful. The life of the 6 was weird; they did some things that I questioned as a viewer. Yet, the series was realistic.

FRIENDS wasn’t just a TV show that made us laugh and cry. When Rachel got off the plane I was crying a river, SHE GOT OFF THE EFFING PLANE TO BE WITH ROSS. Sorry, I got carried away. FRIENDS was also a show that taught us many lessons.  I learned from Rachel that it’s ok to be a little selfish and shopaholic if you are a good person and a good friend. Pheobe taught me it is completely fine to be a little crazy and to be yourself. Chandler taught me that it’s fine if I laugh about myself, it means I love me. Ross, that I can be a geek and still be happy and have many friends. Joey showed me that I can be sensitive, and that doesn’t mean I’m weak , and Monica embraced her OCD, and so should I.

Of course they gave me a humongous amount of quotes to use on a daily basis. I really can’t write them all, they are many. When someone wants to steal my food I use Joey’s phrase “ORLY DOESNT SHARE FOOD”

Or when someone from the opposite sex has an opinion about PMS “NO UTERUS, NO OPINION”

And the word that defines the moment when you are prepared for DANGEEER!. “UNAGI”

When I see a couple being together. He is her lobster. Or actually when I’m with my boyfriend. He is my lobster, I know it.
If you are reading this, you are my lobster and my Chandler.

FRIENDS ended 10 years ago, but the memories are still with us.

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