How I Use My Planner 2.0


My planner goes with me wherever I go. If you read my first post about my planner you should know.
In that post, I explained how I used my old planner and why I am buying an Erin Condren one.  TOday, I will show you how I use my new bible, and tips and tricks for it.

The clear ruler is perfect to mark the week we are on, but it is also great to put a post it and see how you color code your planner. Each of my activities has a different color, so it is easier for me to see when I have to do something and what it is about.
My week is planned like it is supposed to be. I use the Morning, Day, and Night divisions and that helps me a lot. I used to write whatever I needed to do on my planner without order. Call Mom could be before going to class, and things like that. Being able to organize my day per time is great. I use my color code system. I use stickers for meetings like “Her Campus” is pink and my school newspaper is blue. If i have to do something for them like “check article, take pictures” that will be written down. When something is done, I just put a check mark besides the task.
Where goals and notes is, I write my goals for the week. As you might have read on “On Being Healthy” i write my eating goals there. At the end of each day “pill” is written. This is for me to not forget my daily vitamins and the pills I have to have.
the two sheet month spread is just for trips or things that will take more than one day. For example, if I am going to Boston to visit D, I will put a strip of the designer sheet. I will do the same on the week spread but it is easier to see in the monthly spread. I also put a red dot on the corner of the days I have an exam or project due so I can organize myself better.
the notes part is used for many things. One page is for my log ins, another is for my post ideas and then I have one on how to edit texts. I am going to do the same that I did on my last planner and write quotes on them.
The Keep It Together two size pocket is perfect to hold bigger things. I bought notebooks from EC, so I have tons of stickers. Since I dont use them in my notebooks, I cut them out and use them for my planner. I also use this pocket for the notepads pages. Since the notepad is really bulky, I just have three of those pages there. Behind the notepads pages are payment confirmations or any handout I need to keep in my planner.
The Clear Pocket is perfect to put all my stickers! I bought the designer sticker sheets and I cut them in strips so I can use them in my two sheet month spread. Is the best way to keep all my small things in one same place
If you want 10$ off of your first purchase click here.
disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. just my opinion and how i use my planner.
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Movies To Laugh


There are days that I just need a good laugh. Shows like FRIENDS and Big Bang Theory are great for that, but the thing I truly need is a good movie, some snacks and a cozy blanket. When I need a good laugh most likely I will watch:

she is the man: this is one, if not the best, movies by Amanda Bynes before the whole “growing up” thing.  Olivia is a girl whose school closes the female soccer team, so she pretends to be her brother in order to play the sport she loves.  Shirtless Channing Tatum, tons of good jokes and cheese-talks make this movie a must when you need a laugh.
pitch perfect: seriously, I have all of the songs stuck in my head. Becca is a girl that needs to be part of a club in her university so her dad can let her chase her dream so she joins the Bellas, an acapella group.This is the kind of movie that doesnt have a single thing that makes you laugh, is the all-together picture that cracks you up. Fat Amy is simply the best.
mean girls: do i have to explain why this movie is so perfect for when you need a laugh? Is the compassion of high school with a jungle or Karen’s stupidity (i am sorry). Maybe it is Regina’s George quotes or that this movie was co-written by Tina Fey.
john tucker must die: I can quote the movie. No joke. John is a player who has girlfriends from different groups. Kate finds out this and tell it to the girls. They want to get even. I swear, the revenge plans they do are the best! Between hormones and herpes (yes, i know) this movie will have you laughing the entire time
dispicable me: no judging! the minions are so cute, so are the girls! And Gru is one of the most hilarious villains ever.
legally blonde: a typical sorority girl at Harvard Law? this is not only a hilarious movie, but a girl power one too!
Even if at first Elle goes there to follow a guy, she stays to prove that she can be an amazing lawyer.
sleepover: this movie is 10 years old! I feel old! Julie and Hannah are best friends finishing middle school. Their dream is to be able to eat by the fountain when they are in high school to be with the popular crow. But the problem is, Hanna is leaving, and they are not popular. They do a scavenger hunt  against the popular clique and the price is, yes you guessed right, the fountain.
emperor’s new groove:  so Kuzco gets transformed into a llama by this crazy woman and her assistance. I know is a kids movie, but it is so funny.
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To Make You Feel Better


I had a post planned for today. I wanted to write about entrainment because it’s been a while since I did. Changing plans for me is hard, when I set my mind to something I will stick to it. You have read my How I Use My Planner post right? Anyway, I decided to go with this  instead.

Sometimes in life we bump into things that bring us down. We fail the test we study all week for and we forgot to give in a paper. We don’t make it to where we wanted to or we didnt get as many likes on a picture as we hoped. We try and try but the outcome might not be in our hands. Maybe the teacher is super strict and you werent supposed to be in that place you didn’t make it to. There will be something bigger and better waiting for you.

Since I was little, my grandma and my mom tell me that everything has a reason behind, and if it’s meant to be it will happen. Silly story time: I was with my mom in this mall because we needed to buy a present for someone. We saw this high wedges in a store and I fell in love. They were simple, yet pretty and perfect for my Model United Nations outfits.I loved them but after a long day of walking my feet were not in the mood to try shoes on. Of course my mom told me she would not buy the shoes unless I try them on, but I was tired and I just wanted to go home.  We had to go to the same mall that Saturday to pick up the present (it wasnt reeady until that day) so my mom offered to buy me the shoes if i try them on during the weekend.  The problem was, those were the last pair of shoes, and maybe they will be gone by the time I go back. She then told me “if they are meant to be yours, they will be. One of my mom’s friends was in the mall too so we offer her a ride home. I know her pretty well and we have a good realationship, so I talked to her the whole ride home. I told her about these shoes, and how i liked them but i wasnt going to buy them that day, but that I am not in a rush because of what I’ve been taught all my life : if it’s meant to be, it will happen.

We went back to the mall that Saturday, and my shoes were there. I got them and I was happy. I used them during my MUN and was totally happy. But what would have happen if I didnt get them? I would have been fine, because then they weren’t for me.

We always face things that bring us down, but that doenst mean it is the end of the world. You will achieve many other things that are the right fit for you. Next time you feel bad about that, remember this. Remember that great things are waiting for you, you just have to give your all. And if you give your all and still dont achieve that goal you wanted, dont be sad. You did everything you could, and the decision was not in your hands after that.


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Go Greek


I just finish my rush week and I coulnd’t bee happier.  Five months ago I would have said “no, I will never rush” but men, I was wrong. Rushing is a great experience and a must-do even if you wont be part of the greek life. Trying something new, having fun and meeting new people is part of this process. Maybe it seems overwhelmig, and it is, but here are some tips for you to take the most out of it:

go with an open mind:  and I can’t stress this enough. When I decided to rush, I had just one house in my mind. I said that if I get a bid in another house, I will drop out because is the only one I liked. But then I decided to have an open mind about every house, and I had fun! It was hard for me to choose at the end, because I ended up liking more than one house.
look for the dress code: normally you have to go business casual and one day you will have to wear cocktail attire. Each school has its tradition and dress code, so ask for it and respect it. Believe me, it will be horrible if you dont follow it.
and wear comfortable shoes: you will have to walk around and stand up a lot, so dont wear uncomfortable shoes.
eat the food: the sisters spend money on the food they have on the table for you to eat. Eat some, and dont be afraid of them judging you about that. They will want you to eat it.
ask questions: about everything. the house might seem one way but if you dont ask you will never know. Ask about the philanthropy and the bib-little program. Dont do it as a questionnaire thou, just ask more about the sorority itself.
dont ask boring questions thou:  ask also about their favorite TV show, what makes them happy
ask about the alumni: there are tons of successful people that were part of the greek life, so ask about that. It will be so cool to learn that your role model might have been part of the same sorority as you.
be yourself: and I think this is the most important piece of advice ever. You be you, and you will find your place at the end of rush.
think this is a job interview: so dont talk about booze or boys. Dont talk about the crazy party you just went to nor the amount of alcohol you can handle. This process is a perfect opportunity to practice your interview skills

and lastly, have fun. Even if you dont accept your bid or dont end up in any sorority, this week will be an amazing experience for you.

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Studying Tips

PictureStudying Tips

Ugh, you have tons of things this week. You have a math quiz, plus two papers to give in, you also have to read some chapters of the book for your bio class and 200 physics exercises to do. On top of that, you have to go to your clubs meeting and do the basic stuffs like take a shower, eat and sleep. But how will you achieve all of this?

priorities:  I can’t stress this enough. You need to set your priorities. Do you really need to go to the gym? What has more weight on your final grade or what is due earlier this week? Do a list o priorities and see what is more important.
plan: maybe you are not big planning, but you should have a plan and stick to it. Decide when you are going to do what, and how you are going to do it.
study group: I have to admit I suck at studying with people. I talk to them and I will get distracted with the things around. But I have found study groups actually really helpful. Instead of studying from scratch with them, go with the information on your head or the math exercises done. The idea behind a study group is to compare answers and review things in case you are wrong. Create a study group and meet once in a while.
write it down: no, you won’t remember if you don’t write it down. You need to see what you have to do in order to actually do it. Also, when I say write it down I mean the information. You will retain more information if you write in down than if you type it or just read it.
one thing at a time: multitasking doesn’t work, you need your full attention towards one thing.
don’t wait until the last day: and by that I mean do it as soon as you know you have to do it. It’s college, you will have tons of things to do, so you better finish some of your assignments before they are due.
use your school resources: I am pretty sure your school has tons of resources that can help you improve your grades. My school actually has tons of them, and one that I will try soon is the writing center. They will help you with your papers once they are written.
gather your things: grab everything you need and have it with you. If you have to stand up every 5 minutes to get your stuff then you are getting distracted and you won’t finish your things.
don’t put an all nighter: during my freshman orientation my adviser asked us “would you train all night before a marathon? or would you sleep for 8 hours, eat a healthy breakfast and then go and run? The same goes with an exam”
pomodoro technique:  this will help you with time management. You can read my post here.
drink water and eat food. Never skip a meal, you need fuel.

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Topanga Lawrence


I got super excited when they announced “Girl Meets World”. I was born 2 years after Boy Meets World premiered, and I wasn’t aware of it existence until I was 7 years old. Maybe 8.  I remember when I tuned Disney Channel and watch that show and laughed a lot. I loved the it. I loved how cute Megan was, and how stupid Eric was (I’m sorry he was). I loved the love story and the amazing bromance between Corey and Shawn. But mostly, I admired Topanga Lawrence.

Topanga was always the odd girl. She was raised by hippies, and she did tons of weird things growing up.  She was a go-green-let’s-save-the-world kind of girl, and she stayed true to herself even if her classmates, including Corey, made fun of her. I admired that, and still do. We all are afraid to be ourselves, because people will judge or treat us in certain ways. But not her, Topanga was always her, and we should learn from that.

Topanga then  transformed herself and she wasn’t just the weirdo in her class, she became the overachiever without being the Minkus and without losing herself. She was truly a feminist, going against stereotypes and rules (she asked Corey to marry her), and she was a bad-ass too. C’mon, she kissed Corey first.

She put people before her, and always helped her friends when they needed. She even chopped her hair to show Corey that appearances are not important. That’s admirable. That’s true friendship.

She also found true love, and stuck to it. Corey and Topanga were way different. They liked different things and were raised in different surrounding. Yet, they accepted each other and loved one another. I used to be jealous of that, but not anymore. (This goes to you D.)

Topanga Lawrence is an amazing role model. Did you watch the show? What do you love about her?

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If I Knew I Could Not Fail, I Would…


Sometimes we don’t try that thing we are dying to  because of fear. We are scared we won’t be able to succeed, so we lose before even trying.

If I knew I wouldn’t fail, I would create my own magazine.  It would be a collection of beauty, fashion, self love and relationship articles.  It will be a magazine for you.

I would be the Editor in Chief, and I would have my own office. It would be big, with enough space for a great desk, a comfortable chair and maybe a chic sofa. Of course I would have a great view, a mix of urban and rural setting.  My office will be on a high floor of a famous building, one that architecture students will study for their classes.  I will have a cup of coffee in my hands everyday while I write or review other articles.

My magazine would be sold all around the globe. Girls from France, Engalnd, Greece, and China will be able to read my magazine.  Girls will subscribe to it and download the apps. They would love my magazine.

I would be happily married to the man I love, and with kids. We would live in a cozy house with a chimney on the suburbs. He will be doing what he loves too, and I know he will be amazing at it.

I would be happy, I would succeed. I would have my own magazine and be the Editor-In-Chief.
scratch that. i WILL be happy, i WILL succeed, i WILL be an editor-in-chief.

and you? what would you do if you knew you could not fail?

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