Things I’ve Learned My Freshman Year

20 Things I've Learned My Freshman Year
20 Things I’ve Learned My Freshman Year

   Woa, I am not longer a freshman. Not so while  ago I was packing all my stuff into two suitcases and working on my Visa, and a year went by.

When I moved to Philadelphia to start my career at Drexel University I was scared. It was a good kind of scared, but I was reading a lot about what is it like to be freshman. I looked at packing tips, things you shouldn’t do your first day and a list of things a typical freshman would do (oh boy did I try not to do any of them)

After reading tons and tons of those articles, I wanted to be there and put what was written down on practice. And even if I did, I failed many times, I took the wrong classes (partially because a @#?! guy told me to and I believed him), I made friends and I lost them. But you know what? I survived!  I did it, I completed my freshman year feeling accomplished and happy.  And I want to share with you the things that I’ve learned so far.

  1. there is a big chance that the friends you made the first week of class will no longer be in your life:  and to be honest, there is nothing wrong with that. The first week of class is filled with people trying to meet anybody, so you will be friends with whoever you find. Weeks will go by and you will meet people on your floor and in your classes, and the friend you met on the line for fries will find other friends too.
  2. but there is also a chance that you will be best friends: how many people find their person the first week of classes? Kuddos to you people! For me, it took me more than a week (Well, two or three weeks) to meet the girl who became one of my best friends, and then, we expanded our group.
  3. forget about stereotypes, but don’t be shocked when someone asks you about your accent, your hair or sexual orientation. There are people that have never been near someone who is different than them, and sometimes their curiosity comes out as an attack. Unless they are aggressive or directly insulting you, don’t feel offended.
  4. go to class: and not just your body, but mind as well. Take notes, ask questions and answer whatever the professor asks. You will learn that way, and it will be easier when you actually have to study.
  5. cafeteria food is okay. It’s not heaven on earth, but you will survive a year of it. Most universities make you pay for it with your tuition, so don’t waste the money and eat that surprise meat thing.
  6. homemade food is heaven on earth: no need to explain this.
  7. plan ahead: buy a planner, use your phone’s calendar, use post its. Anything that will remind you what you have to do. Your schedule will change and you will have time between classes that you should use for something productive.
  8. go to the gym, and try to be as healthy as you can. those pizza deliveries at 2 a.m happen, and if you live near an Insomia Cookie store you are screwed.
  9. see what’s the best schedule for you: for me, it was early classes. Yeah, i’m one of those weirdos. I found out that I rather have early classes and have the afternoon for myself than the other way around. I will wake up at 7 am, go to the gym and then my classes, and by 7p.m i was done with my day so I could go out, visit my friends dorms or just binge watch something on Netflix (i might have or might have not watched 7 episodes of Gossip Girl during mid-terms)
  10. your roommate can be your bff, your worst enemy or just your roommate:  it is not always a perfect situation, but what do you expect when two strangers are put together in a room based on a survey?  My roommate and I were not friends, we did talk, and we shared food and comments now and then, but we never went out together, we never shared our deepest secrets. And it was perfectly fine for us. We got along just fine, we respected each others’ spaces and we were silent while the other one was sleeping.  Then, on the end of the hallway there was this room full of drama and fights, and in the room across from that two girls from the same sorority that shared everything and loved each other to death. It can happen.
  11. take advantage of what your school has to offer: we can rent computers in the library and our gym is free for students. There is a shuttle bus that will take you to the city and tons of free networking events (with free food!). take advantage of everything you can.
  12. DON’T BUY TEXTBOOKS UNTIL THE PROFESSOR SAYS SO! yes, that deserves caps on. And even if your professor says you need it, ask for what. My anthropology professor wanted the book for quizes that were posted online. you could do every quiz the same day. I had that book for a whole quarter instead of just.
  13. use your syllabus, it is the bible of your class.
  14. will save your life. make sure to check your professors before going to that class.
  15. you will fail some exams and maybe a couple of papers, and that is fine! don’t give up and keep studying.
  16. join organizations and clubs: it is one of the best ways to make new friends and keep your mind off school work. Keep in mind that there are so many organizations to chose from, and it is a great idea to join something that is related to your career.
  17. try new things: go to parties you will never go before, try to write for the newspaper, try, try, try. It is your time to find yourself and what you actually like, and you will never know what’s out there if you are always on your comfort zone.
  18. talk to your professor: going to office hours seem so scary, but professors are there to help you!  My journalism professor offered office hours every week before her class, so we can show her our stories and she will give us one on one critique and how to improve it.
  19. it is important to go to events and out with your friends,  but consider having me time at least once every two weeks. You are always surrounded by people, and you will need down time.
  20. STUDY ABROAD! i studied abroad in an intensive program that was in Haiti, a place I will never even dream of going.  I am considering going to Madrid, ( schedule conflict), and once I am there, i will try to travel. After college it will be hard to find time to travel or go outside your hometown, and by studying abroad not only will you enrich your knowledge but you will have a once in a life time experience.

and finally, you will survive no matter how difficult a situation is. enjoy your freshman year that you will have just one!

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Planner Tips And Tricks


    My planner obsession started when my friend Esther introduced Kala Planners to me. They are a Venezuelan company that produce notebooks, planners, and other paper stuff. I start using that planner, and loved it.
I would wrote down everything, from a major event to wash hair.  I would write down everything in a random color, just to light up the boring black-and-white pages. I can go on and on about my Kala Planner, but i already did that here.
I then found Erin Condren, and I fell in love with her planners. I was obsessed, I would log in every day to try and find new scoops, pictures, and information about the upcoming planner. And I have to admit, I’m doing the same now. The new Life Planner will be on the market June 9th,  This planner has a lot of perks, and a lot of things going on, and sometimes it is hard to keep up with it.
    This is not a sponsored post. As a planner lover, I want to share my tips and trick on how to make the most out of your planner, no matter which one you go for.

color coding might seem like a hassle, and maybe you will think that the planner is colorful enough. Color-coding is one of the best way for you to stay on top of your things. Read more about this here
Washi-Tape and Stickers: I found this Etsy shop that sells small coffee stickers, pill stickers and other adorable stuff. I found the coffee ones useful, since I have coffee dates with friends now and then. Overall I find stickers and washi tape extremely helpful since we are visual human beings.
Write it Down: it seems obvious, but writing everything down on your planner will help you a lot. I started writing just the assigments due, then I added the school things I have to complete that day and now I write everything!  I write the phone number of the company i have to call and that I have to send an email to my advisor. Writing all you have to do helps a lot.
Check Marks: I am obsessed with them. I love checking out the things i’ve completed already. I have a motive to complete my task, not only because I actually do what I have to do, but to check them out of my to-do list
Use the Monthly Calendar: it is a great way to see everything you have to do during that month without flipping pages like crazy. It helps me a lot when i have to plan a trip or when i need to move things around.

what are your best organization tips? what do you use to make your planner more appealing?

if you want an EC Life Planner, and would like 10$ off of it, sign up here.

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3 Ways of Color-Coding Your Planer Without Losing Your Mind


Wow, that is a long tittle.  Color-coding normally seems like a hassle. I started using color markers because my planner was black and white. It was simple, and the lack of color made me sad. Then, I realized that color-coding will help me a lot when it comes to completing tasks and keeping up with everything. I am a girl who takes every credit I am allowed to, I write for Her Campus Drexel, I am part of religious organizations, edit for my schools newspaper, and have a very active social life. Color-coding helps me to recognize the task without actually reading it. There are several ways of color-coding, and this color-code obsessed girl is here to help you find the best way for you:

By Dates:  I have seen people write down task depending on how much time they have left until the deadline. Orange is when you have three weeks to do it, purple when you have two weeks and pink when there is just one left. Some people find this helpful since they can visualize what is a priority that week and what should be done by that day.  If you are a person that completes a task depending on the due date, then this color code system is perfect for you.

By Class and Organization:  there is people that are taking several classes, and it is easier to assign a color to each of them. You know that pink is for your english class and orange will be math. This is extremely helpful when your life is really school orientated and you have a lot of classes going on. It helps also if you are part of organizations and you assigned a color for them
By Task: it is helpful if you assign a color for each task you do. Green goes for class to do’s,  red for deadlines, purple for readings, and blue for social events. You get the idea, each task will get a color so when you see orange you know that is related to gym and health stuff
this past year my color code system was a combination of all of these. I knew that everything green was what i needed to complete that day. I had colors assigned for my organizations, for social events and for health stuff. Of course I had a color assigned for my blog too,
How do you color-code? Have you find the best way to color-code your planner?
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