8 Ways to Have Better Self Confidence


8 Ways To Have Better Self ConfidenceI remember crying every single night. I would look at myself and hate what I was seeing.  I was not happy with who I was because I kept hearing what people thought of me, and I cared about it. After a while, I decided that I didn’t want to cry myself to sleep anymore and that the opinion of others was not going to define me. I knew deep down I was pretty and that I had so much to offer,  so why was I letting the people tell me otherwise? My self-confidence depends on me, not on them, right?

I started doing certain things to make myself feel better and more confident, and after a few months I was a person who was in love with herself.  If you are feeling like I did, follow these small tips on how to increase your self-esteem, and I promise you, you will love that beautiful face of yours.

  1. Exercise: and not to lose weight, but to be healthier. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. If you feed your body with the right food and exercise regularly, you will feel much better and more self-confident. Plus, you will sleep better at night and there is nothing better than a good night sleep to make you feel better.
  2. Mirror: every time you see yourself in the mirror say one thing that you love about yourself. Try to point  a different thing every time and say why you like/love that  body part. I used to hate my thighs, so instead of pointing out the size of those, I focused on my eyes or smile.
  3. Compliment people, as well as yourself: this will help you keep a positive mind.
  4. Smile: even if you are faking it, try smiling. Smile in the mirror, smile while you are walking around. or while you watch some TV. Just smile. When you smile you free endorphins , and that will make you feel happier. Also, you will look much prettier!
  5. Never compare yourself to anyone: I once heard that comparison kills joy, and I completely agree. Your beginning cannot be compared to someone’s middle or final, so focus on yourself and your progress as opposed to focusing on what the people around you
  6. Write down positive things of your life. Write about the extra chicken wing the cute waiter put on your plate or the job opportunity you just got. Write the top three good things of your day and you’ll see how happy you’ll be!
  7. Always held your head high: and have a good posture. It will not only make you feel better, but look proud of yourself as well.
  8. Surround yourself with positiveness: post its with cute quotes, a painting that you did, pictures of your friends. Anything that will make you smile when you see it.

And know that no matter what, you are truly beautiful and loved by the people that surround you.


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I’m Not A Damsel In Distress

I'm Not A Damsel In DistressRapunzel needed the help of prince charming to be freed from the tower and from her mom. Even if a couple of centuries had pass,  girls nowadays believe that we need a prince to save us,  but instead of a tower we are trapped in our bodies and instead of an evil witch, we want to be freed from our emotions

When I was younger, I believed that society was really screwed. I always hated how society defined beauty. I hated  how having the latest phone defines your status. I hated it when a girl wanted a boy to feel completed, to feel stronger.   I’ve always believed in girl power, in feminism (even if I didn’t know that word yet).

I’ve watched so many romantic movies, and I’ve read so many YA books that I wanted romance in my life. I liked a boy, and I fantasized about him; how we are going to live in a beautiful house and he will come back from work with his suit on, and I will be an amazing well-known writer.  In my fantasies, I was a writer, a hard-worker, and not just someone’s perfect wife.I wanted to find someone who will support me no matter what, but that will see me succeed.

There was a moment in my life that I went through some bad experiences. Really bad ones. I had support of friends and family, but I found out that being my own support is the key to happiness. I was trying to be strong.

.And then, I was strong for so long that I gave up. I stopped thinking  about what can I do to feel better, and instead I seek the help of a boy. I became what I feared the most: a damsel in distress.

If I had a bad day, and instead of eating some chocolate and watching FRIENDS, I would call my boyfriend and cry on the phone about whatever had happened that day. I stopped taking care of myself, and I let someone else do that for me. There was a moment that he was not longer a support system, but he was the only person that would save me.

I got used to that, to always need a prince charming to rescue my sorrows. When we ended things, I realized that being in distress was not going to do anything to my situation, and it was time for me to become my own prince charming.

I tried to get up from my bed and take a shower. I tried to eat healthier and go to the gym. I went to parties and to my friends’ apartments. I tried to move on from the bad moments I was going through.  I realized that I wanted someone to make me stronger, not to make me someone strong.  I was the only one who was capable of making myself smile again, and the only one who could control my emotions.

Having someone supporting me was great, but I never thought of all the people who were there for me, and that’s what made me stronger. Knowing that I can and pushing myself was made me a stronger person.

I realized that I am not a damsel in distress, but my own prince charming.



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