Why I Don’t Believe In Being Fearless

I did it. I clicked the “Post” button on Facebook. It was not about politics or religion. It was not my opinion on a current event or a debate. I, Orly Margulis, shared a post promoting my other blog Jewtina Eats.  

It only took me three weeks to gather the courage to do so, and after I did I felt relieved. I felt this sense of accomplishment because I faced my fear of getting negative comments or people speaking negatively about me. Instead, I got a few follows and comments encouraging me to share more of my posts.

That day, I was brave. I was not fearless, but I was brave.

The difference relies on more than just the literal meaning. Being fearless means to not be afraid, and I have never met someone who is not afraid. Being brave, on the other hand, means to be afraid, but to go for it anyway. Is to push away those negative feelings and actually focusing on the best outcomes.

So no, I do not believe in being fearless, but in being brave.

What was the last brave thing you did? Comment below

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To The Guy Who Broke Me

And just like that, we became strangers. We went from knowing each other’s deepest fears and dreams, to not even acknowledging our presence when we bump in the streets.

It was way more painful than a heartbreak; it was like everything I believed was happening between us was not even there. It was like I never truly was myself when I was with you, even if I felt I could be myself when we were together.

But you did it, you sent that message and with that you broke me. You broke what I thought was a great friendship. A message full of hate and judgement, something that a friend should never even think about.

But you did it, you sent that message and with that you broke me. You broke my self-confidence and my self-esteem.

And then,  that message made me stronger. I was stronger than I was before. I became the girl I lost a few years back, because I finally learned that I do not need you or anyone like you, that would bring me down.

So thank you for sending that message, and thank you for breaking me. I picked those pieces, and now I am stronger than I was before

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