This week was the 10th anniversary of the last episode of FRIENDS. We can all say that we cried when those 6 put down their keys. Scratch that, we still cry when we see re-runs of the series.  I was a 9-year-old when the episode premiered, and truth be told, I didn’t watch it that night. I was aware of the existence of this tv show, but I’ve hadn’t watched it.

I was turning 12, when I turned on the TV and saw Pheobe singing “Smelly Cat”. I started to watch it, and thank you TV, for showing two episodes in a row. I became hooked. I believe I was watching the 3rd season or so, but I understood everything. FRIENDS has this power of letting you watch random episodes and still understand everything that is happening.

FRIENDS is simple, yet kind of complicated. Pheobe’s grandma was a cat and Ross had a monkey as a pet. Monica dated his ex’s son –or she tried- and Joey let this random guys rob his apartment. Chandler’s dad was a transgender, and Rachel’s ex-fiance married her former best friend.  But this made FRIENDS beautiful. The life of the 6 was weird; they did some things that I questioned as a viewer. Yet, the series was realistic.

FRIENDS wasn’t just a TV show that made us laugh and cry. When Rachel got off the plane I was crying a river, SHE GOT OFF THE EFFING PLANE TO BE WITH ROSS. Sorry, I got carried away. FRIENDS was also a show that taught us many lessons.  I learned from Rachel that it’s ok to be a little selfish and shopaholic if you are a good person and a good friend. Pheobe taught me it is completely fine to be a little crazy and to be yourself. Chandler taught me that it’s fine if I laugh about myself, it means I love me. Ross, that I can be a geek and still be happy and have many friends. Joey showed me that I can be sensitive, and that doesn’t mean I’m weak , and Monica embraced her OCD, and so should I.

Of course they gave me a humongous amount of quotes to use on a daily basis. I really can’t write them all, they are many. When someone wants to steal my food I use Joey’s phrase “ORLY DOESNT SHARE FOOD”

Or when someone from the opposite sex has an opinion about PMS “NO UTERUS, NO OPINION”

And the word that defines the moment when you are prepared for DANGEEER!. “UNAGI”

When I see a couple being together. He is her lobster. Or actually when I’m with my boyfriend. He is my lobster, I know it.
If you are reading this, you are my lobster and my Chandler.

FRIENDS ended 10 years ago, but the memories are still with us.

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