Eleanor and Park


Eleanor and Park has been on my reading list even before it came out. I remember reading about it on Seventeen Magazine, and I wanted to read that book. I loved reading, it was my escape, but for some reason (lack of time and Netflix) I became negligent about reading. This year I read The Fault in our Stars and Looking for Alaska, both books by John Green, and loved them. I also read The Spectacular Now, but that’s it.

Going from reading three books a week to just reading three a year is horrible! I wanted to pick up reading with a YA love story, and I decided to go with Eleanor and Park. The book is about those two. Eleanor, a red head of a family with tons of domestic problems and Park, an Asian boy who is part of a middle class family. Of course, they fall in love. It can be described by many as the typical love story where two people from different worlds fall for one another. And yet, the book is so much more. It is about being a teenager and bullying, domestic violence and high school. It has everything.

It is really great how the love story is written. It is simple yet truthful. I remembered what is like to fell in love for the first time. How you try to be with that person but you are also afraid. The first kiss and the first touch.

The thing is, I really liked reading it until I had a few pages left. And no, it is not the case of “I am finishing my book” sadness.  The book ends kind of sad to me, I was rooting for a different ending. I’m trying no not spoil the end, but  I really wanted a happy, truly happy, ending. Because they deserved it.

I would give this book 4/5 stars.

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