It’s Ok

ometimes my parents get mad at me when we travel. As soon as I step a foot inside the airport gates (after security) I run to a news stand and buy at least 8 magazines. InStyle, Seventeen, Teen Vouge, Style Watch, Bazaar, Allure, People and Glamour.  I love reading magazines as you may know, and love specific articles in each magazine. In Seventeen I love the Body Peace articles and College section, in InStyle, the interviews and how to use the same piece of clothes in three different occasions, and in Glamour, the “It’s Ok” article.We all need to feel that we are not alone, that we are not the only crazy one who does certain things. We also need to know that it is normal to do those things and there is nothing wrong with it. Hey, it’s ok:

… to  stay all day –or weekend- in your pjs without changing them.

… to laugh so hard that you look like a silent seal.

… if you use ice cream as therapy.

… order takeout and eat fried stuff because you don’t want to cook or clean the dishes.

… to skip a day of school to go shopping

… to love children cartoons

… if you read the last page of a book before even starting it

… if you take you high heels before getting home. Your feet hurt!

… to have more pair of underwear than days of a month.

… to know every line of every Friends episode, and still watch it.

PS: check this blogs and their “It’s Ok” post, which  inspired me to do mine. Royally Pink, College Prepster and Sydney Luella.

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