A special thanks to my cousin Stephi for sending me this video.

I was a girl who loved to play Game Cube and ball. I wasn’t good at it, but I liked it. When I went to my cousins house, I spent most of the day with Stephi doing girly stuff. But time to time, I went to Bryan’s room and do some “boy stuff” too. He always treated me well, he never said that I couldn’t play with him because I am a girl.

Then, during middle school my guy friends played baseball without a bat. You had to hit the ball with your hands, and run like the wind to touch the bases. Truth to be told, I wanted to play because my then crush was playing, and I wanted him to see me as more than a “girl”. You know, the girl definition that means that we are indefendless, weak, not good enough to do certain task. I was friends with this boy, but I needed him to see that I can play sports too.

So I did, I was third base on that game. I stood there, waiting for the ball to go near me so I can catch it, without any luck. No, not because I was afraid and protected my face everytime that the ball came near me, but because my team decided to put a boy behind me so he can catch the ball. They didn’t believe I was good, they didn’t gave me a chance to prove that I could. “The thing is, you are a girl. We can’t lose because of a girl,” said my crush.

I was angry, I actually didn’t talk to him for a while.  They thought I was going to “run like a girl”, and “throw like a girl”. My self confidence went down, and I did feel weak.  I was a 12, maybe a 13 year old back then, trying to figure out things. How my body works and who I am and dealing with others things, just to add “Like a Girl” to my list.

Always created this campain to stop that feeling, to show girls that Like A Girl can mean incredible things as well.  I run like a girl, dance like a girl, kick as a girl. And that is a good thing. Let’s show girls –and women- around the world that being a girl is not equal of being weak. We are strong, we can do anything we want, without a degrading phrase to bring us down. Let’s make #LikeAGirl a good thing!

“Why can’t run #likeagirl also mean win the race?”

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