EveryBODY is beautiful


I used to see myself in the mirror and not like it as much as I should.  I use to have a my-hairline-is-so-weird- my- pores-are-huge moment every time I faced a mirror.  As LiLo said, it was just not skinny and fat, there were thousands of other problems with my body. From feeling fat to hating the fact i was brunette, my body was imperfect.

I believed I was chubby and that my hair was so curly that it was hideous. I believed that my hips were huge, same as my thighs.  The thigh gap trend wasn’t a thing back then, but I was self-conscious about that. And my brows, I had a problem with them. They are big, Brooke Shields/ Lilly Collins big. People told me all the time “you need a wax”, “chopped them down”. That felt horrible. I’ve been taking care of them since I was 12 years old, trimming and waxing but not shrinking them.

Fat, ugly, not perfect. I used to hear those words in my head.   Big brows, braces. Thousands of other words ran and ran in my mind. The mirror was not my friend, it was my nemesis.

One day I decided to change those words. I decided to say out loud the things I actually like. I always loved my boobs, to be honest, and my eyes are gorgeous.  I also start telling myself good things about my personality.  Soon, my self-consciousness went away.

I have to admit that Seventeen Magazine helped a lot. The Body Peace section made me realize my body is in fact beautiful. I also remember reading a Lilly Collins interview. Her eyebrows made her unique, same as mine. Same as many other things in my body. It was not perfect, it still isnt. But it’s mine, and I love it.

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