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A while ago I shared my planner and how I use it. Today, I want to show you the planner behind this blog, the one thing that makes me stick to a schedule and post when I am supposed to.

When I decided to start a blog I looked for tips and tricks on Pinterest. I just search for blogging and tons of pictures with interesting titles. The first one I clicked was one that said “How to Start a Blog” or something like that. It said that I should choose a platform and  choose a niche, and of course; have a planner.

Since I already had a planner for my life that was going to end on August, I decided to look for one planner just for my blog. II look for one on Pinterest first, and found one that was perfect for me.

It has everything I was looking for in a blog planner.
Monthly Two Sheet Spread:  this is where I write what post should I write and post in which day. Since a post takes me more than a day to write and do the images, I use washi tape of different colors to “grab” two days.

Weekly View: this is a more detailed way of seeing the Monthly Two Sheet Spread. I write the day of the week and what I am supposed to do that day: comment on blogs, reply my comments, write a post, publish it , etc. In the corner of each day there is a Social Media checklist, and if you read my planner post you may know that I love checking things out of my list. On the right side of the sheet there are several boxes: I use one for the goals I have that week and another for achievements.
Brainstorm: I’ll be 100% sincere . I regret printing out so many of this page.  I normally just write what I have in my mind and the ideas just flow together. But sometimes I have an idea for a post, and I start searching for more information or ideas, so I use this page. On the cloud I write the name post, and I just write key words and doodle a little and then write.
This blog planner comes with notes pages along with some other pages for you to use however you want. I use one for post ideas (I wont publish that) and another for the process of creating my blog, and one for the tabs of my blog.
If you like this pages you can get them at Everyday Enchanted*this is not a sponsored post.

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