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Hello, my name is Ally. I’m a ECU Pirate Freshman. I was born and raised in North Carolina. I’m a bit of a perfectionist who loves anything organized and preppy. I believe that everyone deserves to believe in themselves and be who they are and my blog helps girls reach that.  Check her blog Preppy Little Lesbian
____________________________________________________________________________________________For any person as OCD as I am everything in your life has to be organized. From your iPhone apps, to your agenda. One thing I’ve always struggled with is my email. When I was younger I never checked my email and when I finally did, there were usually 200 unread messages. Now that I’m older I’ve completely started over. I have two email addresses: yahoo for my personal email and gmail for my blog email. I absolutely have to get organized or I will never be able to find anything again. So I’m going to go through both email hosts and show you how to organize your email.


Clear it out// I usually keep my personal or yahoo email inbox pretty clean. I hardly ever have anything in there. It annoys the heck out of me when there are tons of emails on there when I’m looking at it on my phone!Folders// USE FOLDERS. It clears the message out of your email inbox and stores it into another place and organizes it all. As you can see I have one for college, ECU, Prep Talks (, and my yoga studio’s newsletters. It’s so easy to be able to go back and find something.

There aren’t that many options for organizing on yahoo mail. I think gmail is easier for that.


As you can see my gmail is not as clean as my yahoo. There’s always so much going on in my blog email!Labels// USE LABELS. You can color code them (yay) and you can see right on your email inbox what emails are for what without trying to read the subject bar or one line description.

Important or star// When I label something as important or star it, it means I have to do something with that email. I need to reply, or reference back to it. When you do this, it also saves it into it’s own folder and you can look back and click on the “important” folder and see what kinds of things you need to do. Basically a to do list for me.

Primary and social// This is one thing I LOVE about gmail. It filters everything that’s from an actual person and what’s from twitter, tumblr, etc. I LOVE that. I love being able to see what followers I got on twitter BUT I don’t want it on my main email when I’m trying to work.

I used to be a yahoo girl through and through. But I decided to try gmail for my blog and I have to say, I definitely like gmail more now. If I had to recommend one, it would definitely be gmail!

What ways do you organize your email?

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