Father’s Day


Girls expect to find a prince charming to become a princess. He will treat her like the beautiful princesses in the movies and fairy tales she has been watching and listening since she was born. Prince Charming will make her a princess, that’s what has been taught to her. But that’s not true; girls are princesses since they were born. Her father is a king.

I watched TV series with you, high fived you when we come up with a sarcastic comment. Drinking coffee in the afternoon is not the same if we are not together, in the kitchen table, talking and joking with a delicious cup of Joe in our hands.  We play Candy Crush together, oh well, I play and you get mad because I don’t let you play.

You have always treated me as a princess, since day one. You have taken care of me, loved me and share the last bite of chocolate with me. You are my king, my daddy. And no matter how old I get, I will always be your little girl.

I love you Daddy! Happy Father’s day.

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