Orange Is The New Black



June 6th. I’ve been waiting for June 6, 2014 for a long time. Yes, The Fault in our Stars premiered today, and even if I loved the book, I’m happier than Orange is the New Black, season 2, was released today.

Last year my big brother told my dad and me that there is this new series on Netflix that he binged on.  My dad and I started to watch it, and I have to admit it was a little uncomfortable watching all those sex scenes and lady parts innuendos with him. But we loved it; we watched it and watched it until they were no more episodes left. My dad thought of reading the book, and I think he did, and I tried, but it was so different from what I watched that my mind was messing with me, so no book for me, sadly.

The series is gross, it’s vulgar, obscene. It’s is great, it’s brilliant, addictive. It is amazingly well done, how each character is developed and the stories behind each inmate. How you grow towards certain people (hey Nikki and Taystee) and how you hate others -yep, I don’t like Chapman or Pornstarn that much. And you know something is wrong when you put Piper and Mendez in the same group of people. But that’s one of the things that makes this show so awesome. We love to hate them.

Truth to be told, sometimes you need a break from OITNB. The series is great, but sometimes overwhelming. I need breaks to do things like eat or sleep, and breath.  But when I’m on those breaks I need to get back to Netflix.

This season Crazy Eyes is even crazier, but I loved her story and how she is the reason Piper is back to Litchfield. She has become more aggressive since Vee appeared, and I must say that she really likes the new Queen Bee, because Susie threw her pie for her. And at first I liked Vee too, she brought some kind of woman power at the beginning, but now I hate her. She is such a bully.  She created this network, a dangerous one, inside prison. Red used to have her own followers, and the Latino girls too, but Vee brought it to a whole new level.  I used to LOVE Tayste, I thought she was hilarious in every single way, and then her “boss” ruined it.  She ruined everything. Janae went to the SHU, again, thanks to her. I know, I know, I’m ranting a lot about Vee, but she deserves it.  Red went down last season; she was on the top of the food chain and went straight down to the bottom.  But she knows her prison, and thanks to contraband and pipes, she scrolled up again. Go Red!  She got back her clique -maybe not the original one, but she got one.  A cucu old one. I liked how Morello seems all good and peaceful and it’s actually completely crazy and mad. I always thought Christopher was made up, that he didn’t exist. But he does, just not in the way Morello says he does. And Miss Rosa is actually a kick ass. A criminal kick ass, but still. Piper’s ex fiancé loves her best friend, Alex is away and she is dealing with other things in her life that are making her go nuts. She is alone in this world, and she finally realized that. And then we have Soso, a new annoying character that I personally want to punch in the face even if she is sweet.

Now let’s talk about the staff of Litchfield. I didn’t like Haley during season 1, but for some reason has gained my respect right now. Bennett became though, then soft, then though, and then the good guy we all like. Figueroa got what she deserves and Capputo took her place, and in his second day two inmates escaped. Pornstar got back at the end of episode 8, and by the 10th he was gone again,wohoo.   Also, Caputo is in a band. How great is that?

Each character is so well developed and the actors who personalize them are great. Sometimes I watch a series and there is always an actor that does a horrible job. Not in this case. Everything is perfectly done on OITNB. Thank you, Ber, for telling me to watch this.

When is season 3 going to happen?!

PS: If you, like me, were expecting to actually hear the whole “It’s not an eggplant, he is retarded” joke, don’t hold by breath.

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