TV Couples


I love, love TV shows. I get obsess with them and normally binge on them. My favorite part of TV shows – and I have to be completely honest- is the love scenes. When the couples are together being romantic melts my heart.  I gather some of my favorite TV couples, in no particular order, and wanted to show them to you.

Nathan and Haley:  Always and Forever. Can this couple be more perfect? Nathan was a mean jock who was always on the top of the world. He wanted to take down his half-bro Lucas. Enter Hailey! The geeky, smart girl who change Nathan into a better person. These two lovelies are always there for each other. No matter what, they are for one another. LOVE THIS COUPLE! The only thing I actually don’t like about them is that they are not together in real life! Why James and Bethany? Why why?

Chuck and Blair: ok, so this one is a must. Their relationship is so predictable; of course they were going to end up together. And they had a kid! The thing I love about them is how soft they get when they are together. They are despicable, and schemes and always planning something to take down someone, but they are adorable together! I almost cried when they got married, that was a moment I was waiting for since Blair asked him to say those three words.
Monica and Chandler: this one has a special meaning for me. I have my Chandler, and love him. I love how these two can be lovers and best friends all together. They joke around each other but support one another 100%.  And I love how their personalities complete each other: the funny sarcastic clumsy guy with the OCD ,chef, obsess with winning woman. LOVE IT
Cory and Topanga: it’s been so, so long since I watched these two together, but good news, they are coming back to our screen! I always loved these two. Topanga was these weird kid and Cory the cool guy. But even that, they loved each other. That someone remember when Cory went to Disney World and kissed Topanga? That was magic.
Mitchell and Cameron: I will admit that I have skipped tons of episodes of Modern Family, but when I do watch it these two are my favorite. Of course each character in this show is great, but Mitchell and Cameron take the gold. I love how Cam is all artistic, sensitive, and a drama queen. He doesn’t give a damn on what people think, and then Mitchell, kind of up tide, caring what people think.  But they love each other, they have a family together, and that is what I find so great in them.
Ross and Rachel: he is her lobster. She is the love of his life. Since 9th grade Ross has a crush on Rachel, and years later they become a couple. Their story is perfect, except the we-were-on-a-break part.   Even if they dated other people, deep down these two loved each other *cough cough Emily*. At the end they ended up together, as it was meant to be. She got off the plane, and that is beautiful
Ted and Tracey:  can I rant? Can I please rant and cry and tell you how mad I am with How I Met Your Mother? *Spoiler Alert* WHY THE H** DID THEY KILLED HER! WHY DID YOU MAKE  ME WAIT 9 EFFING SEASONS TO KILL THE MOTHER! She was perfect for Ted, she was as geeky as him, enjoyed the same things. They were meant to be with each other, I mean: she was in his first class when he taught at college, he grabbed the iconic yellow umbrella that was hers, he dated her roommate, they were at the same party. And you are telling me that he always loved Robin? BS! Ted and tracey were perfect, just as Robin was great with Barney. Ted and Stacey relationship lasted like an episode, and still, I loved it.
Who are your favorite TV couples and why?

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