That little boy raised his voice and told his classmates “It’s time for a change! We should require Animal Crackers to be part of our lunch menu”. Every kid in kindergarten clapped. This boy is a leader, he’ll probably be a CEO, or a senator or the President of United States.

Now imagine the situation if it was a little girl. No one will clap. Instead, they will call her “bossy” or “pushy”. She then shuts up, she doesn’t speak her mind, even if her idea is brilliant. She has the qualities to lead, but those words made her insecure. She now believes that she isn’t good enough, or even if she is, no one cares.

When we grow up, we woman are called b**ch for speaking our minds.  We are bossy and pushy. I believe that that’s wrong! We all have potential to lead, no matter what our gender is. A woman can make an amazing leader, just as a man can.

Superheroes and male leaders are all around us. We grew up watching Superman save Louis or male presidents. Even video games; you find more male characters than female. And why is that? Maybe people aren’t ready to see a woman lead, and that should change.

The Girls Scouts want to Ban Bossy, and we should spread the word. #BanBossy. And show the world that women can lead too.

Because as Beyonce said “Im not bossy. I’m THE boss”

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