Brooke Davis


The girl behind the red door. That”s her.

The girls who proved everyone that she is more than what people thing of her.she was truly a kick ass

I remember the first impression she made on me: she is a *insert a world that rhymes with horse here*. Why would she sit naked on Lucas’ car? She was this careless, wild, IT girl. She the rich cheer captain who everybody loved. What a cliché.  But even that, we know that B. Davis was a loyal friend from moment one. She stood beside P. Sawyer when she was drugged, and she visited her boyfriend Lucas when he was in a car accident.  She said once that she was a b**ch for the sake of being one, but that then it was for the sake of her friends. It is ok to be a b**t, and Brooke taught us that.

She grew a lot when her family lost their money. She always got whatever she wanted, and when her house was sold, she was devastated. But then she learned that her money didn’t define her. That same year she ran for school president against straight-A students. She was considered a bimbo, a party girl who couldn’t achieve something like that. she prove people wrong! She won, and she became a great president.

By senior year she had her own designs sold in a store, and later on she started her brand “Clothes over Bros”.  She was a girl who struggled with a lot of pain, with the word “not enough” in her head.  She said “people will label you. How you overcome those labels is what matters”. You go, B Davis.

When OTH had a 4-year gap, I was mad. I wanted to see how Brooke did in college. I mean, who didn’t? She owns her own company, a big one, by the age of 21. She dated super-stars and own an amazing place at Manhattan, but she decided to go back to her home, Tree Hill.  She always stood up to “0 is not a size”, trying to show girls it’s okay to have curves and not be crazy skinny. She showed us is ok to be yourself.

She adopted a troubled girl. She was the victim of an attack. She got her heart broken and her company destroyed, and she still was Brooke Davis. She overcame every obstacle she had with grace.

She also was sassy and had great come back. She never let people’s words get to her, or at least she pretended so.  She was herself, no excuses.

“She was fiercely independent, Brooke Davis. Brilliant, and beautiful, and brave […] Brooke Davis is going to change the world someday. And I’m sure she doesn’t even know it” Yes, Lucas wrote that about Brooke, but I’m sure this applies to all of us. We all are brilliant and beautiful and brave. We can change the world if we want to.

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