Dear 16 Year Old  Me

If you could have dinner with any person in this world, dead or alive, real or fantasy, who would it be and why? I would choose someone who I believe needs my help, someone who I believe would have wanted to read this. I want to have dinner with 16-year-old Orly, and tell her this:1)      The world won’t end tomorrow. You are sixteen! Your whole life is ahead.
2)  An F on an exam doesn’t mean that you have fail in life. Many F’s through your                        school life doesn’t mean that either. Just keep working hard.
3)      Your best friend today won’t talk to you tomorrow. People change, so do relationships.
4)      Don’t rush it! You will have plenty time to drink and party.
5)      People will talk anyways, so might as well give them something to talk about. (You will work on this for a long long time. Better start now)
6)      If you feel someone is treating you badly, tell them. Say what’s on your mind in a nice way. Really, being nice doesn’t mean people can treat you poorly.
7)      Don’t let for tomorrow what you can do today. Seriously, we all procrastinate, but there is a limit!
8)      Don’t judge! We all have our past, the important thing is our future.
9)      Pimples happen, as well as bad hair days. That won’t ruin your life, so cheer up!
10)   Read books, write stories, take pictures, create memories.
11)   The sweet boy you like is going to turn up into a big jackass. Don’t worry, is not your fault, is his.
12)   Don’t give up dancing, you’ll miss it. Seriously, you will find yourself dancing during random moments.
13)   Dress to impress- yourself! Be comfortable in whatever you wear

16-year-old Orly, they are other things that you should know. But life is about making mistakes and learning. Fall and stand up. Fall again and do the impossible to try until you conquer.  You’ll make it!

Thank you Val for inspiring me to write this post!

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