Elle Woods


We all have watched Legally Blond at least 3 times (If you haven’t, I command you to watch it now). For most of us is more than a chick flick to watch with popcorn and diet coke. Legally Blond is the kind of movie that shows us girl power.

Elle Woods showed us that being pretty and smart is possible, that staying true to yourself is important and that you can achieve anything you want if you work hard enough.  She was considered a bimbo, a dumb blondie who couldn’t achieve anything that wasn’t related to fashion, nails or hair. More than once she kicked ass by just being her and studying hard.

When she thought she wasn’t good enough for someone –er, a boy- , she worked even harder to prove him wrong. Warner’s face when he saw Elle at Harvard Law School? Priceless!   And we are not saints, we want people to have that kind of reaction when we conquer something they thought we weren’t capable of doing. It is self-satisfaction: I conquer my Everest, I prove you wrong. In your face!

I once read that you should be a Fruit Loop in a Cheerios world. Elle show us that being the only pink dot in a grey world is even better.

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