On Letting Things Go


    I’m not talking about the catchy Frozen song. I’m talking about that small thing that bothers you. That thing that is hunting you and making you feel bad. It can be a break up, or a bad grade in your math final. It can be a nasty thing a girl said about you or an embarrassing moment that you wish that never happened. But guess what? All of those things are in the past. They are gone, and no amount of regret will change that.

I have been through bad moments, really bad ones. I have dealt with bad roommates, and bad friends. I have dealt with breakups and loss. Those moments where hard, even when they were over. When I moved out of the room that felt like hell, I was sad. The moment I broke up with my boyfriend I was devastated. When I saw that my GPA was not as good as I expected thanks to math, I was disappointed..  And then I realized that everything happens for a reason. Maybe you are not a huge believer of destiny, and sometimes i am not. But I believe in experiences, in moments that will make you stronger and the person you hope to be.

By letting go you are not saying “it didn’t hurt”. You are standing in front of everyone and letting them know that the girl who once was sad it’s stronger now. The girl who once cried over a situation, now learned and knows how to handle life is something similar happens again. You are strong, and all those moments are scars that will build your character and will make you a strong person.

Let it go, and you will be truly happy.

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