20 Things By 20

20 Things By 20My birthday was May 2nd and I wanted to share with you things I’ve learned by then. Yes, my birthday was two months ago (happy belated birthday to me!) but it is still accurate. I’ve learned many things throughout my life, and sharing them with people is important to me. These are lessons that are the results of breakups, long nights and moving to a new country, but all of them learned the hard way.  20 things I’ve learned by 20.

  1. People will come and go: and it has nothing to do with you.
  2. Love your body and your hair: nobody is perfect, and most of the people you look up to in a magazine are photoshoped.
  3. Saying no wont make you a b**ch: say no as much as you want.
  4. But saying yes will bring you new opportunities.
  5. It’s okay if you havent been kissed yet: that doesnt define anything
  6. There are good people out there: like the angel of Victoria Secret who gave me a huge discount on underwear.
  7. But really bad people too: like the douche who cut me on the Starbucks line and got the last cake pop.
  8. Read a lot: like a lot! books, magazines, blogs (wink wink). Just read as much as you can.
  9. Be a good friend, always support the ones you love.
  10. People will talk, and judge: so do it anyway. Don’t let people’s opinion define who you are or what you are doing.
  11. Forgive, don’t forget. always remember who hurt you, but don’t hold a grudge. Learn from those experiences.
  12. Your body is yours, your mind is yours, you are yours, so don’t compare yourself to anyone.
  13. Be nice to people: you never know their story.
  14. Go through phases in life, change your routine, and do crazy stuff. unless it is something dangerous or that will hurt you at the end, then just stick to eating pop corn in bed with a huge blanket.
  15. Wear whatever you want: crop tops, short shorts, super long skirts and baggy t-shirts. Express yourself.
  16. If you dress to impress, do it to impress yourself.
  17. Don’t rush into anything: que sera, sera.
  18. Never be someone’s second choice.
  19. A bad day doesn’t mean a bad life. You will have Lindsey Lohan/ Amanda Bynes moments and you will have Taylor Swifts moments too.
  20. Always smile, no matter what.

And know that life is a long-a** learning experience. Don’t ever stop trying new things and learning from your past.

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