On Confidence

On ConfidenceThere are so many articles about confidence. Everywhere I go to I see an opinion about how great certain campaigns (like h&m’s) are great for girls self esteem, and how amazing it is that society is finally accepting every body type.

Every time I read something like this I get extremely happy.  As many other people, I struggled with self esteem issues, and often found myself comparing my looks to the ones of girls in the magazines. It was awful feeling not worthless, but that there was always someone prettier out there. And even if i knew there is people that are better at certain things and people that were blesses with better genes,  it made me feel awful that someone looked that good in a magazine.

Not only the looks of the models, but the articles that insisted that we have to lose weight, the ones that would tell you how to do your makeup to land the cutie in your chem class. I hated all of that.

I will look at myself in the mirror and see big thighs and extremely messy hair. I will see my big nose and even bigger eyebrows and feel like i needed to change. Magazines  and society were telling me that anyways, so why not?

Then, one day I realized I didn’t want to change, just accept who I was. I start looking at the mirror and instead of picking on my insecurities, I will see the good things on my body, and write down the good things in my life.

Soon, I started exercising because that gave me energy and made me feel good. I start loving myself, and people will notice it. They will tell me how happy i looked, and how, for some reason, i got prettier.

I realized that confidence was the difference between me and that girl in the magazine (and well, a few hours of Photoshop work). Accepting who we are, and loving every part of it is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.

The best thing you can wear is your confidence!

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  • Go girl! Embrace yourself
    As a feminist, I am trying everyday to tell girls to embrace themselves and boys to respect women.
    Good article 😉

  • Sorry I’ve tried to contact you otherwise than by writing a comment but I didn’t find how (I might me tired and lazy lol)
    I’ve just started a fashion blog and I need some support! I really liked your articles, and won’t forget the name of your blog because coffee and heels are two of my favorite things lol but if you’re on bloglovin I’d be happy to follow you :p
    I’d like to know if you’d be okay to put a link toward my blog on your blog and I’ll do likewise.

    Tell me if you’re interested 😉

    Mathilde from Mathilde’s Closet