Guest Post: Journalism

    We’ve all had moments where we’re completely unsure of ourselves, right? I know I sure have. Graduating high school and knowing I wasn’t going to my dream college in the fall wasn’t easy. Not to mention, I wasn’t passionate about my major. Long story short, it felt like I really screwed up my future. I didn’t, and I’ve come to the bold conclusion that anyone who begins to think like this probably hasn’t either.

The summer before going to college, I was constantly stressing about my academic and, eventually, professional future. I strategized by coming up with a list of schools I could apply to transfer to after the fall semester. College Board was like Facebook to me. Or Instagram actually, since Facebook has clearly been taken over by everyone’s aunts, uncles and grandmothers. However, in hindsight, my boyfriend made a pretty brilliant point when he was trying to cheer me up one day. He told me that, because I was spending all of this time worrying about my future and strategizing how I could alter it, there was no way I could fail. After all, perseverance is the ultimate work ethic.

    Now in my second semester at college (yes, the college I was dreading coming to in the fall), I’m more empowered than ever. My outlook has completely changed, but I still have the confidence that, if my attitude and academic career path wasn’t back on track, I’d have the strength to change it. In fact, I already am by changing my major.

I came to college knowing close to nothing about my intended major, journalism. I learned a lot in my first semester, one of the most important things being that I did not want to be a journalist. So, I’m now in the process of becoming an integrated marketing communications major. A broad major, integrated marketing communications could land me a career in public relations, event planning, graphic design, marketing or consulting.

One day, I’d love to open my own event planning company. I’m always checking Camille Styles’ website and lusting after her innovative entertaining ideas. I would love to help others convey their visions for important events. I’m also entertaining the idea of going for an MBA in luxury marketing if I end up concentrating on marketing during my studies. As cliché as it sounds, my future really is unwritten and I know I can write the story however I want.

    Holly is an ambitious, semi-short blonde, and the author and creative talent behind her website The Blonde Chiffon. She enjoys reading, baking and riding horses in her free time.

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