Things I’ve Learned My First Semester


Well, my first quarter of university is over. As cliche as it sounds i did learn a lot of things. I’m here to share my wisdom.
there are some classes that are easy A, and they are so easy that you will lack motivation to do well. since they are easy, work hard so you can get that A on your transcript!
go to class, even if you dont feel like it. Unless you are sick or out of town go! You will do better if you do.
cafeteria food is not that bad, you just have to get used to it and see which one is good and which one isn’t.
on that note, nothing feels better than homemade food.
get organized. in high school you had classes form 7am to 3pm, but at college you will have classes throughout the day, so you better organize yourself as when you will do homework, projects, and go to class.
get involved. maybe the first semester is way to soon, but getting involved in school activities will not only build up your resume, but will keep you busy and will help you  make friends!
there are some projects that you can do the night before, and there are others that will simply take 3 weeks to get done.
all-nighters are not a must,  in fact, i havent pull and all-nighter since i started college.

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