The past few weeks had been hard for me. I felt weak.  I had so many good things going on; good time with friends, my posts on Her Campus Drexel, I am working for the newspaper at my school, and many other blessings. But there was one specific situation that felt like poison, that the moment it happened ruined everything else.
People told me that I have to be strong, that I have to focus on the good things. I did, I focused on my writing and my friends, I focused on my health and my life, but I felt weak when the situation happened. Yes, I stand up to it, I never backed down, but I didnt feel strong exactly. But in reality, I was.
D, my boyfriend, told me that being strong doesnt mean that I am not weak, it means that I can handle the situation and still go on with my life. Strong means being able to forget about what happened and move on, to be able to let the past go and keep your head high.
I am strong, and you are too.
Next time you feel like you are not worth it, weak, or that your voice is not heard remember that you are strong. That you are the owner of your feelings and the owner of your reactions. When the storm comes you have two options; dance under the rain or sit under a roof and wait for it to go away. The second option seems risky, but it will make you grow and it will show you how strong you really are.
You are strong, you are worth it!

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