How I Use My Planner 2.0


My planner goes with me wherever I go. If you read my first post about my planner you should know.
In that post, I explained how I used my old planner and why I am buying an Erin Condren one.  TOday, I will show you how I use my new bible, and tips and tricks for it.

The clear ruler is perfect to mark the week we are on, but it is also great to put a post it and see how you color code your planner. Each of my activities has a different color, so it is easier for me to see when I have to do something and what it is about.
My week is planned like it is supposed to be. I use the Morning, Day, and Night divisions and that helps me a lot. I used to write whatever I needed to do on my planner without order. Call Mom could be before going to class, and things like that. Being able to organize my day per time is great. I use my color code system. I use stickers for meetings like “Her Campus” is pink and my school newspaper is blue. If i have to do something for them like “check article, take pictures” that will be written down. When something is done, I just put a check mark besides the task.
Where goals and notes is, I write my goals for the week. As you might have read on “On Being Healthy” i write my eating goals there. At the end of each day “pill” is written. This is for me to not forget my daily vitamins and the pills I have to have.
the two sheet month spread is just for trips or things that will take more than one day. For example, if I am going to Boston to visit D, I will put a strip of the designer sheet. I will do the same on the week spread but it is easier to see in the monthly spread. I also put a red dot on the corner of the days I have an exam or project due so I can organize myself better.
the notes part is used for many things. One page is for my log ins, another is for my post ideas and then I have one on how to edit texts. I am going to do the same that I did on my last planner and write quotes on them.
The Keep It Together two size pocket is perfect to hold bigger things. I bought notebooks from EC, so I have tons of stickers. Since I dont use them in my notebooks, I cut them out and use them for my planner. I also use this pocket for the notepads pages. Since the notepad is really bulky, I just have three of those pages there. Behind the notepads pages are payment confirmations or any handout I need to keep in my planner.
The Clear Pocket is perfect to put all my stickers! I bought the designer sticker sheets and I cut them in strips so I can use them in my two sheet month spread. Is the best way to keep all my small things in one same place
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disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. just my opinion and how i use my planner.
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