Movies To Laugh


There are days that I just need a good laugh. Shows like FRIENDS and Big Bang Theory are great for that, but the thing I truly need is a good movie, some snacks and a cozy blanket. When I need a good laugh most likely I will watch:

she is the man: this is one, if not the best, movies by Amanda Bynes before the whole “growing up” thing.  Olivia is a girl whose school closes the female soccer team, so she pretends to be her brother in order to play the sport she loves.  Shirtless Channing Tatum, tons of good jokes and cheese-talks make this movie a must when you need a laugh.
pitch perfect: seriously, I have all of the songs stuck in my head. Becca is a girl that needs to be part of a club in her university so her dad can let her chase her dream so she joins the Bellas, an acapella group.This is the kind of movie that doesnt have a single thing that makes you laugh, is the all-together picture that cracks you up. Fat Amy is simply the best.
mean girls: do i have to explain why this movie is so perfect for when you need a laugh? Is the compassion of high school with a jungle or Karen’s stupidity (i am sorry). Maybe it is Regina’s George quotes or that this movie was co-written by Tina Fey.
john tucker must die: I can quote the movie. No joke. John is a player who has girlfriends from different groups. Kate finds out this and tell it to the girls. They want to get even. I swear, the revenge plans they do are the best! Between hormones and herpes (yes, i know) this movie will have you laughing the entire time
dispicable me: no judging! the minions are so cute, so are the girls! And Gru is one of the most hilarious villains ever.
legally blonde: a typical sorority girl at Harvard Law? this is not only a hilarious movie, but a girl power one too!
Even if at first Elle goes there to follow a guy, she stays to prove that she can be an amazing lawyer.
sleepover: this movie is 10 years old! I feel old! Julie and Hannah are best friends finishing middle school. Their dream is to be able to eat by the fountain when they are in high school to be with the popular crow. But the problem is, Hanna is leaving, and they are not popular. They do a scavenger hunt  against the popular clique and the price is, yes you guessed right, the fountain.
emperor’s new groove:  so Kuzco gets transformed into a llama by this crazy woman and her assistance. I know is a kids movie, but it is so funny.
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