To Make You Feel Better


I had a post planned for today. I wanted to write about entrainment because it’s been a while since I did. Changing plans for me is hard, when I set my mind to something I will stick to it. You have read my How I Use My Planner post right? Anyway, I decided to go with this  instead.

Sometimes in life we bump into things that bring us down. We fail the test we study all week for and we forgot to give in a paper. We don’t make it to where we wanted to or we didnt get as many likes on a picture as we hoped. We try and try but the outcome might not be in our hands. Maybe the teacher is super strict and you werent supposed to be in that place you didn’t make it to. There will be something bigger and better waiting for you.

Since I was little, my grandma and my mom tell me that everything has a reason behind, and if it’s meant to be it will happen. Silly story time: I was with my mom in this mall because we needed to buy a present for someone. We saw this high wedges in a store and I fell in love. They were simple, yet pretty and perfect for my Model United Nations outfits.I loved them but after a long day of walking my feet were not in the mood to try shoes on. Of course my mom told me she would not buy the shoes unless I try them on, but I was tired and I just wanted to go home.  We had to go to the same mall that Saturday to pick up the present (it wasnt reeady until that day) so my mom offered to buy me the shoes if i try them on during the weekend.  The problem was, those were the last pair of shoes, and maybe they will be gone by the time I go back. She then told me “if they are meant to be yours, they will be. One of my mom’s friends was in the mall too so we offer her a ride home. I know her pretty well and we have a good realationship, so I talked to her the whole ride home. I told her about these shoes, and how i liked them but i wasnt going to buy them that day, but that I am not in a rush because of what I’ve been taught all my life : if it’s meant to be, it will happen.

We went back to the mall that Saturday, and my shoes were there. I got them and I was happy. I used them during my MUN and was totally happy. But what would have happen if I didnt get them? I would have been fine, because then they weren’t for me.

We always face things that bring us down, but that doenst mean it is the end of the world. You will achieve many other things that are the right fit for you. Next time you feel bad about that, remember this. Remember that great things are waiting for you, you just have to give your all. And if you give your all and still dont achieve that goal you wanted, dont be sad. You did everything you could, and the decision was not in your hands after that.


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