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I just finish my rush week and I coulnd’t bee happier.  Five months ago I would have said “no, I will never rush” but men, I was wrong. Rushing is a great experience and a must-do even if you wont be part of the greek life. Trying something new, having fun and meeting new people is part of this process. Maybe it seems overwhelmig, and it is, but here are some tips for you to take the most out of it:

go with an open mind:  and I can’t stress this enough. When I decided to rush, I had just one house in my mind. I said that if I get a bid in another house, I will drop out because is the only one I liked. But then I decided to have an open mind about every house, and I had fun! It was hard for me to choose at the end, because I ended up liking more than one house.
look for the dress code: normally you have to go business casual and one day you will have to wear cocktail attire. Each school has its tradition and dress code, so ask for it and respect it. Believe me, it will be horrible if you dont follow it.
and wear comfortable shoes: you will have to walk around and stand up a lot, so dont wear uncomfortable shoes.
eat the food: the sisters spend money on the food they have on the table for you to eat. Eat some, and dont be afraid of them judging you about that. They will want you to eat it.
ask questions: about everything. the house might seem one way but if you dont ask you will never know. Ask about the philanthropy and the bib-little program. Dont do it as a questionnaire thou, just ask more about the sorority itself.
dont ask boring questions thou:  ask also about their favorite TV show, what makes them happy
ask about the alumni: there are tons of successful people that were part of the greek life, so ask about that. It will be so cool to learn that your role model might have been part of the same sorority as you.
be yourself: and I think this is the most important piece of advice ever. You be you, and you will find your place at the end of rush.
think this is a job interview: so dont talk about booze or boys. Dont talk about the crazy party you just went to nor the amount of alcohol you can handle. This process is a perfect opportunity to practice your interview skills

and lastly, have fun. Even if you dont accept your bid or dont end up in any sorority, this week will be an amazing experience for you.

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