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PictureStudying Tips

Ugh, you have tons of things this week. You have a math quiz, plus two papers to give in, you also have to read some chapters of the book for your bio class and 200 physics exercises to do. On top of that, you have to go to your clubs meeting and do the basic stuffs like take a shower, eat and sleep. But how will you achieve all of this?

priorities:  I can’t stress this enough. You need to set your priorities. Do you really need to go to the gym? What has more weight on your final grade or what is due earlier this week? Do a list o priorities and see what is more important.
plan: maybe you are not big planning, but you should have a plan and stick to it. Decide when you are going to do what, and how you are going to do it.
study group: I have to admit I suck at studying with people. I talk to them and I will get distracted with the things around. But I have found study groups actually really helpful. Instead of studying from scratch with them, go with the information on your head or the math exercises done. The idea behind a study group is to compare answers and review things in case you are wrong. Create a study group and meet once in a while.
write it down: no, you won’t remember if you don’t write it down. You need to see what you have to do in order to actually do it. Also, when I say write it down I mean the information. You will retain more information if you write in down than if you type it or just read it.
one thing at a time: multitasking doesn’t work, you need your full attention towards one thing.
don’t wait until the last day: and by that I mean do it as soon as you know you have to do it. It’s college, you will have tons of things to do, so you better finish some of your assignments before they are due.
use your school resources: I am pretty sure your school has tons of resources that can help you improve your grades. My school actually has tons of them, and one that I will try soon is the writing center. They will help you with your papers once they are written.
gather your things: grab everything you need and have it with you. If you have to stand up every 5 minutes to get your stuff then you are getting distracted and you won’t finish your things.
don’t put an all nighter: during my freshman orientation my adviser asked us “would you train all night before a marathon? or would you sleep for 8 hours, eat a healthy breakfast and then go and run? The same goes with an exam”
pomodoro technique:  this will help you with time management. You can read my post here.
drink water and eat food. Never skip a meal, you need fuel.

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