Topanga Lawrence


I got super excited when they announced “Girl Meets World”. I was born 2 years after Boy Meets World premiered, and I wasn’t aware of it existence until I was 7 years old. Maybe 8.  I remember when I tuned Disney Channel and watch that show and laughed a lot. I loved the it. I loved how cute Megan was, and how stupid Eric was (I’m sorry he was). I loved the love story and the amazing bromance between Corey and Shawn. But mostly, I admired Topanga Lawrence.

Topanga was always the odd girl. She was raised by hippies, and she did tons of weird things growing up.  She was a go-green-let’s-save-the-world kind of girl, and she stayed true to herself even if her classmates, including Corey, made fun of her. I admired that, and still do. We all are afraid to be ourselves, because people will judge or treat us in certain ways. But not her, Topanga was always her, and we should learn from that.

Topanga then  transformed herself and she wasn’t just the weirdo in her class, she became the overachiever without being the Minkus and without losing herself. She was truly a feminist, going against stereotypes and rules (she asked Corey to marry her), and she was a bad-ass too. C’mon, she kissed Corey first.

She put people before her, and always helped her friends when they needed. She even chopped her hair to show Corey that appearances are not important. That’s admirable. That’s true friendship.

She also found true love, and stuck to it. Corey and Topanga were way different. They liked different things and were raised in different surrounding. Yet, they accepted each other and loved one another. I used to be jealous of that, but not anymore. (This goes to you D.)

Topanga Lawrence is an amazing role model. Did you watch the show? What do you love about her?

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