Ipad Apps for Students


My parents gave me an Ipad for college. It is an early birthday present and something to help me thru my college life. If you read my post on How I Organize My Iphone Apps, you know that I love apps and organizing them. Now that I have an Ipad, I couln’t help but download apps that every student should have.

PLANNERS: yes, you know how much I love planning and organizing, and I found some apps that are super helpful when it comes to this.
boximize: this app lets you create lists. They are called collections and you have every kind of lists that you want. Each “collection” is different and have specific things to fill out. Currently I am using the “Expenses” one to write what I am buying, so when I add something to this list I can write the description, amount spent, type of expense, date, receipt and more.  You can add a collection of member cards and business cards that will include the name and a picture of it. You also have to-do lists, movies, contacts, diet log, recipes, and more.

    myhomework: I am IN LOVE with this app. Seriously. So when you open the app you will have a dashboard for classes and another for  homework so you can have an overall view.  at the left of the app you will find “calendar”, “homework”, “teachers” and more. If you click calendar and choose a certain day it will show you the classes you have that day, the assignments due and the monthly calendar. This is a perfect way to have your school schedule and see the assignments due certain days. I do have my planner, my Erin Condren one, which I will show you how I use it soon. I do write my due dates on it, but I don’t write my schedule because it changes every three months. This app is perfect for me to see my classes and the dates with no problem.
    evernote: if someone knows how to use it, please let me know. I know is a great app for organizing and keeping everything together, but I have no idea how to use it properly.

STUDYING: carrying my computer around is not part of my plan, it is super heavy and I dont want to damage my back.  I downloaded some apps that will help me with classes.
keynote, numbers and pages: so basically these are powerpoint, excel and word. You can download documents and see them on your Ipad and have them handy.
adobe reader: I think I have recieved more pdf documents than anything else as study guides, so this app is a must.
duolingo: ok, maybe I won’t have time to study by myself a new language, but this app is great for that. I want to learn Italian at some point, and if I take it at college this app will help me improve.

   kindle: i do own a kindle, but having it on my Ipad will allow me to buy/rent books and see the pictures with no problems.
chegg: talking about books, chegg is great for renting them! they are cheaper than most bookstores and you can rent ebooks too!
  studyblue: this is an app for digital flashcards. You write what you want on the front and the answer on the back and then the app tests you and gives you a result. Love this app for studying concepts.
easypomodoro: the pomodoro effect is a great way to study. This app will help you with this tactic. Yes, I know I can use the stop-watch, but this is prettier!

I also downloaded apps to use for my blog, such as bloglovin, photoshop express, weebly, and social media.
What apps help you with school?

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