Packing For College Tips


I know. You probably have already moved to your dorm. You already unpacked everything and yes, most likely you don’t advice on something that for you isn’t new. Before coming to college I spent tons of hours on Pinterest trying to find the perfect “College Packing List” out there. I swear, I read at least 25 packing lists, and I tried to merge them, but why in the world would I need a pizza cutter if the pizza comes already cut? Or why should I bring¬† a screwdriver if the furniture is already given by the university? Yes, maybe some people need this things, but I dont. I did my own packing list thinking about what would I actually need, and what was written in some of those packing lists on the internet. I think that each person needs different stuff, and a packing list should be personal. Yet, I am here to share with you some tips that helped me a lot when I packed:

one: forget about the shirt that says the year you graduated and the one you were given at band, cheerleading camp or any other club. Yes, this are the best pj’s out there, but you will receive so many of them when you are in college that the old ones will be sitting there, at the end of your tiny, college wardrobe.

two: talk to your roommates.  It will be awkward if both of you bring the exact same thing for the room. Talk and see who will bring the rug and the trash can.

three: buy your shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and more once you move in. This things take space, and maybe they will spill on your suitcase. I bet that you will have a drugstore or a place to buy this things near campus. You will save space and once you are unpacked you can focus on your bathroom.

four: at least two sets of sheets and two sets of towels. You will need one while the other is being washed.

five: don’t packed a lot of shoes! Pack ones you can wear with different clothes and pack comfortable ones too.

six: read your school policy. Maybe you are not allowed to bring that thing you want to, but takes so much space.

hope this tips help you when you have to pack for college.

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