The Girl Behind The Big Eye Brows

One time a boy in my grade told me that I am pretty, but I need to wax off my brows to look really pretty.   I was ten years old, yes, but I felt horrible after hearing that. I knew my eyebrows were big and full, and I knew that having kind of a uni-brow wasn’t the most attractive thing, but since I was so young I wasn’t able to do anything. My parents never liked the whole “plastic thing”, in fact, the first time I did my eyebrows was when I was 12 years old and I was going to many bar and batmitzbahs.

Anyhow, that day I went home kind of sad. My eyebrows made me ugly. Then I remembered that my dad once said I look like Brooke Shields because of my eyebrows. He also reminded me the time a lady stopped me at the market and told me not waxed them up; that they are beautiful.
When  grew a little older, as I said before, I got rid of the uni-brow. After a few years I start taking more care of my eyebrows. I let them be big and full, without looking bad.

People now tell me how pretty my eyebrows are. they ask me what shadow I use on them so they can look this full, and I answer that I use  nothing.  I am proud of my eyebrows, they make me unique and beautiful in my own way. They are my statement,  They are mine, and  I love them. I am the girl behind the big eye brows.

To the boy who told me that I would look better with thinner brows, what do you think now? Am I not pretty?
And to the girl who feels like something in her body is not pretty, think twice about that. You are pretty, beautiful in fact. That is what makes you unique.

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