Erin Condren Shopping Haul


A while ago I discovered Erin Condren. I needed a planner, found hers and bought it. Then, I decided to buy many accessories to use with my planner, because let’s face it, the prettier the planner the happier the owner.  I bought:

SUMMER BUNDLE: it was a promotion she had last month. Inside a plastic clutch were the summer edition of the designer stickers, a pen holder, coil clips, pens, and a sample of her body lotion. Coil clips were something I thought I was going to need, and even if I haven’t use them, I know I will soon. The pen holder is great to hold my red marker, the one I use to check things out of my to do list, and the pens are great, they don’t lick or bleed and the colors are fine, not great but fine.  And the designer sticker sheets, I think is the main thing about this. I am not loving the designs as much as I thought I will. I love the scales and anchor ones, but I am not too fund of the others. I am sure I will find a good use to them soon.

COVERS: mixed feelings about them. They are beautiful, and it is so hard to choose just one! But when I bought my planner I choose party pops and loved it when I saw my planner. I have bought the wild cover with a quote, and the gold edition one, but I am not sure when I will use them. Maybe I will coordinate the cover with my outfit or occasion.
NOTEPADS: they are great, and you can match them to your covers. I got two, one for party pops on white (it looks prettier than black) and the wild one with the matching quote. I paste the notepad at the end of my planner (back cover) but it was to bulky for me. I put it now on the “keep it together” pocket.
Since the planner gets bulkier and bulkier, I bought the elastic bands in golden.
And of course, my planner!
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*this is not a sponsored post.

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