Joan Rivers Z’L


A couple of days ago I bought Fro-Yo and watched Joan Rivers: a Piece of Work. Today, I decided to work on my blog with some Fro-Yo, when I heard the news. Joan Rivers passed away today, at the age of 81.

She has been in the hollywood business for a long, long time. Many remember her as the Joan Rivers at the Tonight Show, others for the Joan Rivers Show. I remember her, as most of the people from our generation, as the sarcastic, dark humor, mean and fabulous, Fashion Police Joan Rivers.

She was a woman that worked hard and earned what she had. She said that a bad week for her was an empty week, and she rather have one thing after another than stay at home doing nothing. I admire that.

She was extremely close to her daughter, Melissa. And who doesnt love their reality show?

I was extremely sad when I read that she passed away. That Fashion Police wont be the same anymore.

May you rest in peace, Joan Rivers Z’L.

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