Planner Tips And Tricks


    My planner obsession started when my friend Esther introduced Kala Planners to me. They are a Venezuelan company that produce notebooks, planners, and other paper stuff. I start using that planner, and loved it.
I would wrote down everything, from a major event to wash hair.  I would write down everything in a random color, just to light up the boring black-and-white pages. I can go on and on about my Kala Planner, but i already did that here.
I then found Erin Condren, and I fell in love with her planners. I was obsessed, I would log in every day to try and find new scoops, pictures, and information about the upcoming planner. And I have to admit, I’m doing the same now. The new Life Planner will be on the market June 9th,  This planner has a lot of perks, and a lot of things going on, and sometimes it is hard to keep up with it.
    This is not a sponsored post. As a planner lover, I want to share my tips and trick on how to make the most out of your planner, no matter which one you go for.

color coding might seem like a hassle, and maybe you will think that the planner is colorful enough. Color-coding is one of the best way for you to stay on top of your things. Read more about this here
Washi-Tape and Stickers: I found this Etsy shop that sells small coffee stickers, pill stickers and other adorable stuff. I found the coffee ones useful, since I have coffee dates with friends now and then. Overall I find stickers and washi tape extremely helpful since we are visual human beings.
Write it Down: it seems obvious, but writing everything down on your planner will help you a lot. I started writing just the assigments due, then I added the school things I have to complete that day and now I write everything!  I write the phone number of the company i have to call and that I have to send an email to my advisor. Writing all you have to do helps a lot.
Check Marks: I am obsessed with them. I love checking out the things i’ve completed already. I have a motive to complete my task, not only because I actually do what I have to do, but to check them out of my to-do list
Use the Monthly Calendar: it is a great way to see everything you have to do during that month without flipping pages like crazy. It helps me a lot when i have to plan a trip or when i need to move things around.

what are your best organization tips? what do you use to make your planner more appealing?

if you want an EC Life Planner, and would like 10$ off of it, sign up here.

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  • Amanda Marie

    Great post! I have been so busy trying to keep up with my Etsy store and my Blog it is getting harder to meet deadlines and remember EVERYTHING!!! I need to start using a planner! Great tips and great recommendations! Checking out those 2 companies now! Thanks for sharing!

  • Girl I feel you on the obsession!! I’ve used the same planner company since high school, something about their pages and the organization of it makes me feel so calm & collected. I definitely need to check out the Erin Condren ones though cause I’ve heard that name tossed around a bit. Great post!

  • Kelly Payne

    I love planners! I’ve never thought to check out Etsy for them! Don’t you just love the feeling of checking something (anything) off your list? (check!). I’ll have to check these out!

  • Samantha

    I am so with you on this one. My favourite types of planners are Kate Spade planners. I have also tried to make my own in the past, which went well, except I didn’t use it as much as I wanted to use it.

    Great post 🙂 xoxo Samantha @

  • I always end up writing random things down in the nearest notebook or scrap piece of paper. THIS is so much better…I need to jump on the planner bandwagon 🙂