Jennifer Lawrence


t is weird, I actually don’t remember knowing who she was. I knew who Liam Hemsworth was; Miley’s sexy boyfriend and the dude from “Last Song”, and I had an obsession with Josh Hutcherson. But J-Lawrence? I don’t know if I saw her in any movie before Hunger Games.

I remember when I read the Hunger Games Trilogy. I imagined every character and for some reason, when the cast for the movie was announced, I was happy. They were exactly what I had imagined.  I watched the trailer and videos of interviews on YouTube. J-Lawrence became my role model.

She is one of the most authentic actresses on Hollywood. She says what is on her mind, no matter if she is hungry or wants to talk about her brothers being mean to her.  When she was asked what the best part about filming underwater was, she said that she could pee whenever she wanted. And when they asked her about her dress, instead of saying the designer or the story behind it, she just answered “this is the top, and this is the bottom”. She also makes jokes and makes fun of her co-workers, which is only fair because they –specially Josh- do the same to her.  And that is another thing; those two are super close, like best friends.  Jennifer asked Josh if his rash was gone on a red carpet, how cool are they?

J-Lawrence also loves food, and she doesn’t do crazy diets. She believes in being healthy, and setting a good example to little girls. She doesn’t want people to starve just to look like Katniss. She looks healthy, pretty. She sets an example where being healthy is more important than the definition of beauty by society.

She has been in the show business for more than 8 years, and she still gets excited when she meets a famous person. She looks like a fan girl whenever she sees Jack Nicholson or Meryl Streep or any other actor that she likes. This is amazing to me, it shows how down to earth she is. In fact, she believes that she is not doing anything extraordinary, she is just making movies. “There are doctors who save lives and firemen who run into burning buildings. I’m making movies. It’s stupid.’”

And even if she thinks the above mentioned, she is still grateful for her life. Since she is aware of her good fortune, she decided to be part of several charities like The Thirst Project, World Food Programme and Feeding America.

Her best friend is a boy with down syndrome. And this is one of my favorite things about her. She still loves him and stands by him. People discriminate; when something is different they don’t like it. Andy and J had been best friends for a long time. He is her biggest fan, and always supports her as she supports him.

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