ABOUT ME:

 Hi! Thanks for stopping by Coffee Beans and High Heels. I am Orly, a Venezuelan third year at Drexel University studying Public Relations, Marketing and Writing. On my free time, you can find me at a coffee shop writing, binge-watching One Tree Hill for the fifth time, or trying to find the best restaurants around the city.

I am a coffee addict, book lover, passionate writer, organized girl, color-code obsessed, sister and daughter.


Coffee Beans and High Heels was born after a talk with my big brother, Bernardo. He advised me to create a blog in order to get closer to my dream career. When I first created CB&HH, I thought of the Orly who had self-esteem issues that read articles about self-love and body peace. After reading those types of articles I learned how to love myself. I wanted a girl to read my blog and feel better because of it, and I still do. After a while, CB&HH grew with posts about organization, entertainment, and some random thoughts.


For me, a perfect day consists of writing with a cup of coffee in my hands, a messy bun on my head, and me wrapped up in a hoodie. Hence to Coffee Beans.

And I once read that women can do whatever men can, and wearing high heels. Since CB&HH is meant to inspire and empower you, I chose High Heels as a symbol of power and self love.

“…that’s why we need really special ones now and then- to make the walk more fun.”- Carrie Bradshaw