3 Ways of Color-Coding Your Planer Without Losing Your Mind


Wow, that is a long tittle.  Color-coding normally seems like a hassle. I started using color markers because my planner was black and white. It was simple, and the lack of color made me sad. Then, I realized that color-coding will help me a lot when it comes to completing tasks and keeping up with everything. I am a girl who takes every credit I am allowed to, I write for Her Campus Drexel, I am part of religious organizations, edit for my schools newspaper, and have a very active social life. Color-coding helps me to recognize the task without actually reading it. There are several ways of color-coding, and this color-code obsessed girl is here to help you find the best way for you:

By Dates:  I have seen people write down task depending on how much time they have left until the deadline. Orange is when you have three weeks to do it, purple when you have two weeks and pink when there is just one left. Some people find this helpful since they can visualize what is a priority that week and what should be done by that day.  If you are a person that completes a task depending on the due date, then this color code system is perfect for you.

By Class and Organization:  there is people that are taking several classes, and it is easier to assign a color to each of them. You know that pink is for your english class and orange will be math. This is extremely helpful when your life is really school orientated and you have a lot of classes going on. It helps also if you are part of organizations and you assigned a color for them
By Task: it is helpful if you assign a color for each task you do. Green goes for class to do’s,  red for deadlines, purple for readings, and blue for social events. You get the idea, each task will get a color so when you see orange you know that is related to gym and health stuff
this past year my color code system was a combination of all of these. I knew that everything green was what i needed to complete that day. I had colors assigned for my organizations, for social events and for health stuff. Of course I had a color assigned for my blog too,
How do you color-code? Have you find the best way to color-code your planner?
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8 Ways to Cope 


    Have you ever had a moment where you feel like the world is going to end? Like what are you going through right now is so terrible that tomorrow seems so far away? A moment where you are so miserable that the only thing you want to do is curl up in bed and put a la Elle Woods crying-and-sobbing-while-watching-soap-operas coping mechanism?

Well, I’m here to tell you that it is not the end of the world, and that you will be fine.My freshman year consisted of moving to a new country, being kicked out of my first dorm (roommate drama), breaking up with my boyfriend of a year, and breaking up with a boy who was not my boyfriend but was definitely more that a friend and losing some friends in the process.  All of this in a 10 week quarter system.Why I’m telling you all the s**t I’ve been through this past year?     Not for pity, but to prove that we can overcome anything. But the big question is how to do it?

Grief. Let yourself be sad. Understand that what you are feeling is normal, and it is okay to be sad. Let yourself cry, watch an insane amount of Sex and the City episodes. Give yourself an amount of time to process the sadness.  If you feel that it has been a long time since you were happy, seek for help.
Don’t skip anything. You might feel like skipping a gym session, a dinner with a former classmate or classes so you can cry in bed. Don’t do it. Don’t let whatever is hurting you prevent you from living your life in its fullest
On that note, keep yourself busy. I’m naturally an over-achiever. I’m taking 19 credits plus tons of organizations, social events and my own blog. But I always manage to have free time and that’s when I start feeling blue. Go for a walk, eat lunch outside, learn how to knit, but keep yourself busy.
Exercise. I have said this many times through different posts. Exercise gives you endorphins that will make you feel better than our favorite guys in the world: ben and jerrys.
Write it down: it doesn’t matter why you are sad, write everything down. It will help you rant and let it out. I learned that if you got a bad grade, you are going through a bad breakup or just feeling down, writing things on a piece of paper will make you relief stress.
three things: write down three positive things that are going on in your life. It can go from “i wore a pretty dress today” to “i have an amazing smile.” Write three things every night before sleeping to remind you how amazing you really are.
Surround yourself with positive stuff. Be around people that love you, be around happy people, be outside. Don’t let yourself be around people that will drag you down
Post its, post cards and more. Put encouragement notes all over your place, so you can always have a little inspiration wherever you go. I personally have some post its on my mirror and inspirational post cards in my wall.  Being reminded of good things will always help

finally, know that time does heal everything, and that no matter what you will be fine.  Britney Spears survived 2007, you can survive your bad path too.

*Contact me if you need advice or someone to rant to*

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Library Must Haves


    The library can be either your best friend or your worst enemy. It is by far the best place to get your school work done, but at the same time, it can be quite a hassle sometimes. I bet that like me, you rather study somewhere else less mainstream. Truth to be told, i barely go to the library, I try to avoid it specially on final’s week when even finding a corner to study at seems impossible. When I do go, I bring with me the essentials so I can survive my trip to the library, and get the grade I slaved myself for.

Library Must Haves:
chargers:  bring a charger for everything! bring a charger for your iPhone, for your iPod, for your computer. Anything that runs on battery will need to be recharge at least once when you are cramming on work.
confy clothes: you can still look chick and stylish if you wear comfortable clothes. Of course those Steve Madden wedges look awesome with that skirt, but how are you going to feel after 4-5 hours? this is the time where comfort comes first.
books: well, duh! But there is a reason why i’m writing this down. I’m the kind of girl who will finish my work quickly (hello Pomodoro Technique) so normally my trips to the library will last about an hour. I learned that carrying all my books to the library helps a lot.
headphones:  the library will be quite, sometimes too quite. Personally I need some kind of noise to be able to study. It is proven that listening to classic music will help you focus more, so headphones are a must for your study sessions.
snacks:  the munchies are real when you have to study.  chocolate and nachos and everything sweet. If you are studying try to go for something that will actually fuel your brain like nuts or an apple.
water bottle: staying hydrated is important. you need water to be able to function
post its, highlihers, pens and more:  bring everything that you will need to create an amazing study guide.

what are your library’s must haves?

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Thank you Mom

    Recently I discovered CrazyJewishMom account on Instagram.  The bond between those two is amazing. I was reading the text messages they both share and I couldnt stop but think about my own mom. No, my mom is nothing like the one featured on this account, but I just think how much I love he.  Mom, thank you for:

your unconditional love
your patience
those afternoons we spent window shopping
your wisdom
singing with me on the car ride home
your support
letting me make mistakes by my own

being there for me
spending nights watching movies
ft everyday
giving me the best advice
listening to my rants

thank you for everything mom, i wouldnt be who i am withour you. I love you.

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On Letting Things Go


    I’m not talking about the catchy Frozen song. I’m talking about that small thing that bothers you. That thing that is hunting you and making you feel bad. It can be a break up, or a bad grade in your math final. It can be a nasty thing a girl said about you or an embarrassing moment that you wish that never happened. But guess what? All of those things are in the past. They are gone, and no amount of regret will change that.

I have been through bad moments, really bad ones. I have dealt with bad roommates, and bad friends. I have dealt with breakups and loss. Those moments where hard, even when they were over. When I moved out of the room that felt like hell, I was sad. The moment I broke up with my boyfriend I was devastated. When I saw that my GPA was not as good as I expected thanks to math, I was disappointed..  And then I realized that everything happens for a reason. Maybe you are not a huge believer of destiny, and sometimes i am not. But I believe in experiences, in moments that will make you stronger and the person you hope to be.

By letting go you are not saying “it didn’t hurt”. You are standing in front of everyone and letting them know that the girl who once was sad it’s stronger now. The girl who once cried over a situation, now learned and knows how to handle life is something similar happens again. You are strong, and all those moments are scars that will build your character and will make you a strong person.

Let it go, and you will be truly happy.

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5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Syllabus


Ah, the first day of class. You get the rush of getting to know your professor and your classmates, and what the class will be about. For college student is the day to get your syllabus, the bible of the class. Your syllabus contains important information that will be extremely useful during your term in that class. Some students forget about it, and let it die n the bottom of their backpacks. But truth to be told, using your syllabus can help you get good grades and be on the good side of the professor.
Using my syllabus as a guide for the class is what help me get an A. I went back to it and see what chapters I had to read for the week, when the exams were being held and the guidelines for the papers and projects. Here is my way of taking advantage of the syllabus:

Grab Your Planner:  and write all the deadlines down. I write them down in red, and that way I can know right away that I have a deadline coming soon.

Readings: it is so common for students to buy textbooks for classes and never use them, and it is because the university sends you the books that are normally required for that course. Some professors decide to go with another edition,  with a book that is completely different from the one that was assigned, or they will send PDFs to you. On your syllabus you will find the information about the book you will need, as well as the edition and printer.
Furthermore, you will have the readings that are assigned each week. Sometimes you will have to read chapter 6 before chapter 1, and chapter 8 right after reading chapter 9. Keeping track with your syllabus will save you a lot of time.
Contact Informationat the begging of the syllabus, you will find the professors information, as well as office hours. Write them down in your notebook or planner and be sure to have it handy, You might need it to ask your professor about the upcoming exam or to send him/her a paper that is due.
Deadline Spreadsheet: on top of using your planner, you should create a spreadsheet with the deadlines of all your classes and hang it near your studying place. My planner includes homework that is assigned during class, meetings, gym and my to do list for the day. It is normal that a deadline will get lost or that I forget to check my planner. When I go to my desk and see the spreadsheet, it is easier to have all the deadlines on track.
Projects: with a packed semester o quarter, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Syllabus normally contain the information needed for your projects ,and that way you can start them as soon as the first day and be on top of your gamehow do you use your syllabus? do  you find them usefull or completely useless?

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To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before


    I was in the bookstore and this pink book caught my attention. It is important to say that my feelings for the color pink are not precisely pretty. It is so bubbly and girly and cliche, and it is so stereotypical that it makes me puke. Ask my family what color I would never wear and it will be pink. Specially Pepto-Bismol pink. Anyhow, this girly books called my attention. “To All the Boys I Have Loved Before”  and Jenny Han’s name were written on the cover. I read the description and again, I knew how predictable the book was going to be, but it is a Han book, so I wanted it.

The book is about a girl named Lara Jean, who writes letters to the boy she loves, and that way she gets over him. She keeps the books in a small box under her bed, and no one knows about it but her. One day the letters get sent out, and the boys are able to read the letters. She was once in love with a guy who is gay now, one of her oldest friends, and the guy who happened to be his sister’s ex.  She then pretends to have a relationship with one of them and obviously we can guess the ending.

I also related to Lara Jean in some aspects. She is a girl who cares a lot about family. She is also really naive and a goodie two shoes (i don’t relate to that), but overall she is a girl with a golden heart who is also tough. I believe I am a bit like that.

Jenny Han’s style is one of the things that made me love this book. As in The Summer I Turned Pretty, Han writes in a way that traps the reader, and the way she can go to the past and again to the present without losing the readers’ attention is amazing.

Overall the story is another pretty cliche that makes girls believe in love and happy endings, and we all want that. We read books that will make us forget about what it is going on in our lives and that is okay. This is what my grandmother would call “pink little book”  and not just because the design arrangements of the cover.

I will give this book 4.5 stars since I am a Jenny Han fan, and because I really enjoyed the book.
have you read this book? did you like it?

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5 Ways To Be a Morning Person


    There are two types of people in this world; the ones who will hit the snooze button 5 times and the ones who will wake up intimidatingly. I belong to the latter one.  I hate the feeling of sleeping in since I feel unproductive. I had the opportunity to sleep in every day last quarter, but being a morning person is way better:

  • You will finish up everything by evening, More me time at night
  • No more excuses at the end of the day, You will not be tired

So how will you become a morning and productive person?

Pick Your Clothes The Night Before:  we all need at least 30 minutes just to get dressed in the morning, and it will take even more time if you also have to pick your outfit, the accessories, what hairdo you will be rocking today and makeup. Before going to bed, decide on the next day outfit,
Breakfast:  I just love breakfast. I wake up and schedule my morning around this meal. If you plan a big, healthy breakfast, you will have something to look for the next day. Plus, a good breakfast will give you enough energy for the rest of the day.
Exercise: going to the gym in the morning  is the best. Not only the machines will be available and you will have more time to use them, but you will also check that out from your to do list.  How many times have you said that you will go to the gym after your ECON class, but you end up taking a nap?  Now you will have no excuses of being tired. Plus, you will start your day full of endorphins, and endorphins make people happy, and happy people don’t kill their husbands, they don’t.
Do Big Tasks :  I would do my laundry and change my sheets after I come back from the gym and take a shower. I would call my parents and answer emails. I will print my papers for the day. Doing your chores before lunch time will help you get rid of those tiring activities that become a hassle when you are done with class. Normally I would go to the library or to meetings when I finished all my classes, and knowing that I accomplished other stuff makes me feel productive.
Listen to Your Favorite Station: start your day with music! It will keep your mind awake and your soul happy. Plus, it is proven that you will be more motivated while excising if you are listening to your favorite jams.

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Your Complete Guide on How to Survive Finals Week


    It is finals week, and the library becomes your house. Caffeine becomes your best friend and your textbooks your worst enemiesSome people call it hell week, others decide to just black out and forget about it. Me? I make the best out of it. As stressful as it is, finals week is not that bad for me. I manage to do all I have to do, and have enough hours of sleep.  I realized that finals week can be just another week if you learn how to manage your time, eat the right food and learn how to study in the right way.


it is imperative that you eat well. It is even more important to fuel your brain with nutrients that will help you study and achieve your goal. If you eat just carbs and a bag (or two) of chips every time you open a book, your brain will get tired, and your body will be too.  Feed your body with  good food!
apples: it is weird, but apples are supposed to be better than caffeine when it comes to keeping you awake. Plus, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!
blueberries:  they are not just delicious and great antioxidants (helloo beautiful skin!) but blueberries will help you improve short term memory. And you know, short memory is the first step towards long term memory! Is that an A on your math exam?
nuts: if you need something crunchy go for nuts instead of Tostitos. nuts have tons of vitamins and nutrients and will help you with cognitive decline.

Time Management:
it sounds scary, right? how are you going to study those 5 chapters of biology, solve all the physics problems, read the novel for your English class and your final paper?
    to do lists: writing down what you have to do during the day will help you stay organized. Maybe you are not a total freak when it comes to organizing, and color coding doesn’t work for you, but having at least a post it with the things that most be done will help you visualize,  have a sense of achievement and a reminder that you have to do certain things. How many times have you been in your bed, about to fall asleep and you remember you have homework for the next day?
planner:  im not recommending this just because i am addicted to my planner, but because it actually works. to do lists are great, but having a place where you can visualize the bigger picture is the key to success. Write down the dates, when you will be studying, and when you will be having me time.
pomodoro technique: i wrote a whole post about this. If you focus on your math problems for 25 minutes, have a small break and then move to another task you will accomplish more.

chunks: and I’m not talking about chocolate chunks. normally finals are cumulative, and if you start studying from day one, the only thing you will have to worry about during finals’ week is reviewing. Study hard for your midterms, review your notes after your classes, read the book as soon as it is assigned and you will do great during this week.

the hardest part
    write it down:  it is proved that writing down the information will help you retain it better. When I have to study I take hand-written notes and then, when I’m done I re-write them in a prettier way. I read my notes a couple of times and that helps me retain the information and actually understanding it better.
    extra credit: I am an overachiever. I will do everything I have to do, plus more. When it comes to extra credit I am the kind of girl who will do it even if I already have an A in the class. You should do the same. Extra credit is not just about having extra points in your final grade, but it will help you learn more about the class, it will show interest and worst case scenario, you do badly at your exam, you will have something that will compensate that.
use the syllabus: it is the last week of class and of course you will forget about this, but normally the syllabus has important information that can help you study in a better way. It can contain the exact pages you will need to learn, or the concepts.
flashcards:  personally, im old fashioned and i bbuy flashcards and write on them. But there are also apps that will help you with that. Flashcards is the best way to quiz yourself and memorize information for your exams
going to the gym seems like the last thing you want to do during finals’ week, but it is the perfect break for your brain and body. You’ve been cramming on work and tiring your brain, and obviously you don’t want to do the same to your body. But when you excersice, your body created endorphins, your brain gets more oxygen and you will be able to think more clearly and retain more information. So go for a run or a bike ride and you will feel much better. Plus, after you take a shower you will be so refresh that going back to study wont be a hassle.
    nap: i don’t recommend this one because there is a high chance you will wake up feeling worst than before. If you are one of the crazy people who decided to pull an all nighter, then you should take a small nap. An hour and a half is a full REM cycle, and it is the ideal amount of time for a nap. Your brain needs to rest, so do you. Go ahead and fell into Morpheus arms.
fro-yo: caffeine seems like your best friend while studying, and if you are going out with your friends you will choose to go to Starbucks. Going for fro-yo is a great way to keep your body caffeine free and a way to relax with friends. Maybe setting time to do so is impossible,  but planning on having at least one break a day will help you go through this stressful time.
And my last tip: believe in yourself! you can conquer this week and you will. Good lick with your exams!

what are your tips for finals week?

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On Loving Yourself


     I was little, and I was already in love with magazines. It was a fascinating world for me.I used to buy magazines that had words that I didnt understand, but I played along. I learned what oral sex meant when I was in 5th grade, and I proudly told my teacher about that. My mom flipped out, obviously, and hesitated if she should buy magazines.

Then again I  read about sex in the magazines I was reading. One of the articles was SexEd, and it said in big letters. “I learned to touch myself.  If i am not comfortable doing it myself, how can I accept someone else touching me?”. Even if this post is not about masturbation, that article had a point.

We all want passionate love, the kind of love we see in a Nicholas Spark movie. We all have questioned our lives and the why there is not a Noah in our lives that would write 365 letters even if we haven’t respond to them. You might not love the answer, but it is an easy one: you have to learn how to love yourself in order to be loved that way. You want crazy, passionate love? Start loving yourself in that crazy, passionate way.

Wake up everyday happy that you are alive.  Go to the gym, run and exercise because you want to take care of your body. Look at the mirror and see how beautiful you actually are. Know that you are beautiful inside, that your body and mind is as important as anything else in your life. Accept compliments, embrace your weirdness, know that your stretch marks and scars are not a bad thing, but a sign of straight, You are the owner of your body and your mind, and you have to love both. Be comfortable with your love handles or those abs. Learn to love your extremely curly hair or your straight hair. Love yourself no matter what, even when you are at your worst and you will be able to find someone who will love you in your Amanda Bynes moments. Take care of yourself  and out and no matter what you come first.

You dont have to be selfish in order to love  yourself. You have to understand that saying no or yes is okay when it is for your best interest.  You have to be able to stand up for yourself and be able to believe that you are worth gold. Any other metal is out of the picture. You are worth those 365 letters. You are worth

You, beautiful reader, are a great person who deserve the most magnificent love ever. And that love is self-love.

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