On 50 Shades of Grey.

    I watched 50 Shades of Grey with my friends. It was a 5$ Tuesday in the movie theater near me, and we decided to go in between class. A movie for 5$? yes please!.    Personally I liked the movie. I knew what was going to happened, and I knew it was good for what it was; a fan fiction with a poorly written dialogue ( EL James, we need to work on that). I knew i was going to watch a movie that was more sexual than romantic, one that shows a kind of abusive relationship (wasn’t Bella and Edward’s abusive too?), and one about a girl exploring a new world to her. It was going to be a movie that i needed to watch in order to have an opinion, the same as reading the book.   I know many people didn’t like the movie at all, and others are watching it for the fifth time now.  Either way, everybody has a strong opinion about the 50 Shades of F**ked Up movie.

I liked it not because I enjoy abusive relationships, and not because of the sex. Yes, there were steamy and Jaime Dornan is beyond beautiful. But I liked the movie because of how Anastasia fell for a guy, but at the same time stood for herself when she needed to. She realized it was enough, and SPOILER ALERT, left when she realized it was not a good relationship for her. She deserves flowers and hearts.  I also enjoyed it because for the entire movie I laughed. I needed Christian to say his infamous quote: “I dont make love, I f**k hard” and when that happened, i couldnt help but laugh, hard. In the book it was funny, but I didnt picture Mr. Grey with a completely poker face. I picture him saying it as “pass me the butter please” face, no emotions whatsoever but at the same time with a tranquil expression.  A normal expression actually. But when that dead-serious face said that, I cracked up. The toast scene was funny too, weird to the point of funny.

I think i also enjoyed it because the people in the movie theater interacted with the movie. When I watched Mockinjay part 1, everybody was in silence, like if they talked they would be sent to District 13. But last Tuesday, everybody laughed, commented, and interacted with the movie.  The 60 something women besides me had something to say about everything that was going on in the movie. “I thought people shaved in this century”, “d**n hot that Christian guy”, “spank her harder you guy”.

I also liked how un-perfect certain things were. First of all Jaime Dornan shaved, and that is not okay. And Dakota Johnson didnt, and that is not okay.  How Christian’s eyes were indeed beautiful, but not piercing into your soul.

Overall i liked the movie. It was good. Not Mean Girls good, but an okay i didn’t waste my 5$ good.

Did you like it?

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On Jenny Han


    This girl from my school devoured books. One per day basically.  Each day she will come to school with a new book, each day a new world in her hands. I enjoyed -still do- reading, and I did read 3 books a week, maybe two if I had projects due. But this girl, 1 per day.

I remember one day she came to school with this book called The Summer I Turned Pretty. A book that screamed “I am a cliche book about a summer love”. I said to myself that I didn’t want to read that book, I needed something with a little more adult-spice in it. I was just getting rid of The Clique series and starting to read something with more meaning than just a story about Prada tote and how hard the life of a 7th grader is. So TSITP became part of my I-won’t-read-this list.

My friend Raquel and I discovered that we both enjoy reading a lot a couple of weeks after that. We exchanged books and critiques about them. It was kind of a book club but we didn’t read the same book at the same time. While I was reading Forever by Judy Blume, she was reading a Nicholas Sparks novel that I have read before. One day she came to school with this book that seemed familiar to me. The Summer I Turned Pretty was in her hand. It was the paperback edition, and it looked used. Some of the page corners were folded, indicating where she stopped reading to go and do essential stuff like taking a bath and sleeping. I hesitated, I remember my list. “Take it, you’ll love it,” Raquel said.

Since she had recommended good books before I took it. Belly put her feet on his brother’s Steve car and he was mad. Their mom was in the back seat, and then they saw the house where they were going to spend the summer at. Where all the cliche things were about to start. That was my first thought when I read that first paragraph. MY brain was screaming cliche over and over again, and I tried to do the impossible to shut it down. After two days my brain was screaming “read it again read it again”. I fell in love with Jenny Han’s writing. I asked Raquel to give me the second book, which I did devote in a day and half. It was so good. The third and final book was going to come out that may, and I asked my parents to pre order it so I can have it with me.  The Summer trilogy became part of my favorite books list.

The story is about Belly, a girl who spends her summers in a house with the Fisher boys. The gorgerous  i-want-one Fisher boys. They know each others since they were born, and obviously Belly feels something for one of them, Condrad. But Jeremiah, the other Fisher boy, loves Belly and it is a brother love triangle that is exciting and super cute and i am just word-vomiting a lot about this. It is a romantic book that will make you cry and smile at the same time, and that will entrain you for a couple of days (in my case, a day).

The books are so marvelous and Han’s style is beautiful. She has this power of going to the past and coming back to the present without confusing you. She can make you travel to another year and get you back to where the story was with such perfection that you won’t believe it. The story is beautiful, and the style is beautifulller.  I have read a couple of her other books, Burn to Burn series and To All The Boys I Have Loved Before. All of the as marvelous as the first ones I read.

I believe that Jenny Han’s stories are really good. They are what they want to be, a good form of entrataiment for the reader.  Moreover, Han’s books are ones that will teach you a lot about writing and how beautiful it is to have our own style.

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Lorelai Gilmore


This woman became my spirit animal.

We all adore Gilmore Girls, and if you don’t, please leave now. Actually stay, I want you to read my posts. Anyways, I used to watch this show on and off when it was on T.V. For some reason I never had the chance to actually follow what happens in Stars Hollow (and later on in Yale), and that reason is school. I ended up leaving that prison that teaches us how to divide X by Y and how to appreciate Sheakspears’ books around 3 o’clock each day, and by 4:00pm I was safe and sound in my house. That if i didn’t have any Israeli Dancing class, or gym with friends, MUN classes or any other extracurricular activity.

Rori and Lorelai where on at 4:00 sharp, and when I caught it on screen I would watched it. I did know that Emily was a *insert a word that should not be written here* and that Jesse was the bad boy every one of my friends, including me, wanted as a boyfriend. I knew that Rori was at Yale, and who Luke was. (Can I just rant excessively about how, even if I love Luke, I don’t like Lorelai and his relationship?)

I knew what was going on, but I wanted more. I wanted to watch the whole series and enjoy it and just have fun while watching it. I didn’t want to buy the DVDs though, and there was no other way to watch it. I tried You Tube, and after a couple of tries I gave up. Orly gave up.

When Gilmore Girls was on Netflix, I was extremely excited, now I can truly ignore my school obligations and just binge-watch this show with a bag of Tostitos and chocolate. It’s my guilty pleasure and I don’t even feel guilty.

Last year I went through several situations that changed who I was before. I used to be a girl who didn’t care much about people’s opinion, and an extremely sarcastic girl. I used to be strong, straight forward girl, the one who fought for her dreams and try her best without carrying that much if i failed. I used to think “at least I tried.” I was a good girl though, but still  a cynic. I did cry, I did have feelings, but it was easier to control what I felt.

That changed for a while. I was in a situation were being me was not good, and then I had to hide my true colors to be part of something. I changed to this girl that I would not have recognized in the mirror a year ago.
When I started watching Gilmore Girls I realized that even if I changed, that  girl is still in my. I just have to free her.

Lorelai comes from a really wealthy family where your future is pretty much secure. But she was a rebel, someone who stayed true to herself even if Emily is a *insert again that word that I shouldn’t write here*. Lore got pregnant at 16, and escape her house in order to raise her daughter the way she wanted. That takes balls. She went to a completely new town, one that the members are so close to each other that having a new family in town is not common. She, a girl that had a meal on her table every day and a bed to sleep every night work as a maid to be able to get money for her and Rori. And the fact that she did all of that alone? Yes, Chris is part of the picture and they have a good relationship, but Lorelai did everything.

She is also really sarcastic and has an amazing sense of humor, something I’ve been lacking lately. My sarcasm has often been frowned upon, especially by those in my life that don’t get sarcasm. I had to stop being cynic and sarcastic to “respect” my relationship with certain people. Watching GG again made realize that my sarcasm is part of me and it is completely ok to do it and express it. It is okay to laugh at myself.

I learned that it is perfectly fine to eat an entire pizza by myself, and I should never feel ashamed of eating. Never. Yes, that two girls eat an outrageous amount of food, but that taught me tone okay with eating. It also taught me that eating like that is not healthy, if you were wondering.

Lore also showed me to work hard for what I want, instead of just waiting for something to occur. My dream is to be an Editor-In-Chief, and I’ll work towards that. I will encounter failure and bumps in the road, but as someone once told me “life is a bumpy rad.” Each bump will bring you something better at the end, and it will make you a stronger person.

I am glad that I been watching this show instead of doing my school work, because I am re-discovering the girl I used to be, the girl I used to be proud of being.

*mom the last thing is a lie, I am proud of myself but I have not stopped doing my school work I promise*

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Guest Post: Journalism

    We’ve all had moments where we’re completely unsure of ourselves, right? I know I sure have. Graduating high school and knowing I wasn’t going to my dream college in the fall wasn’t easy. Not to mention, I wasn’t passionate about my major. Long story short, it felt like I really screwed up my future. I didn’t, and I’ve come to the bold conclusion that anyone who begins to think like this probably hasn’t either.

The summer before going to college, I was constantly stressing about my academic and, eventually, professional future. I strategized by coming up with a list of schools I could apply to transfer to after the fall semester. College Board was like Facebook to me. Or Instagram actually, since Facebook has clearly been taken over by everyone’s aunts, uncles and grandmothers. However, in hindsight, my boyfriend made a pretty brilliant point when he was trying to cheer me up one day. He told me that, because I was spending all of this time worrying about my future and strategizing how I could alter it, there was no way I could fail. After all, perseverance is the ultimate work ethic.

    Now in my second semester at college (yes, the college I was dreading coming to in the fall), I’m more empowered than ever. My outlook has completely changed, but I still have the confidence that, if my attitude and academic career path wasn’t back on track, I’d have the strength to change it. In fact, I already am by changing my major.

I came to college knowing close to nothing about my intended major, journalism. I learned a lot in my first semester, one of the most important things being that I did not want to be a journalist. So, I’m now in the process of becoming an integrated marketing communications major. A broad major, integrated marketing communications could land me a career in public relations, event planning, graphic design, marketing or consulting.

One day, I’d love to open my own event planning company. I’m always checking Camille Styles’ website and lusting after her innovative entertaining ideas. I would love to help others convey their visions for important events. I’m also entertaining the idea of going for an MBA in luxury marketing if I end up concentrating on marketing during my studies. As cliché as it sounds, my future really is unwritten and I know I can write the story however I want.

    Holly is an ambitious, semi-short blonde, and the author and creative talent behind her website The Blonde Chiffon. She enjoys reading, baking and riding horses in her free time.

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4 Steps To Achieve Your Dream Career

CB&HH introduces it’s new section: YOUR CAREER. Bloggers are invited to write a post about their career, their dream job, or their current job. Anything that will inspire a reader to work hard to conquer its dream of becoming a famous singer or an engineer for Google. It’s your time to shine and inspire others too!.


1. Learn everything you can about the industry.

Find contacts and network with others who are currently involved in your field of interest; then, offer to buy them a cup of coffee and pick their brain about the industry. Read magazines, blogs, and books relating to your dream career – the more information you have, the more knowledgeable you will be when it comes time to the job-application process.


2. Don’t fall prey to saying “one day…”

Start today! Go do it now! Have you always wanted to learn a skill that could boost your attractiveness as a candidate to an employer? Whether you’ve wanted to learn to speak Spanish, learn computer coding, or write a novel, don’t wait for “one day” because “one day” doesn’t exist – there’s only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on my calendar, how about yours!?


3.Dress the part.

In order to be taken seriously as a professional in your field of interest, it’s important to follow the guidelines of the office dress code, whether these rules are formally established or merely expected. A skirt that’s deemed “too short” could send the wrong impression to a higher-up – therefore costing you that promotion you had your eye on.


Picturehttps://dg6xfr3y1xvv2.cloudfront.net/will-bryant-work-hard-eat-sandwiches-small-print-1-lg.jpg )

4. Work Hard.

This is a no-brainer, but just remember: no matter how much “good luck” comes your way, the most important way to achieve your dreams is to put in the work. The more passion, effort, and confidence you assert, the more likely it is that you will succeed in whatever career endeavors you embark on!

Brooke Safferman is the founder and blogger at The Pink Lyme , a brand-new fashion & lifestyle magazine that will make you smile, laugh, and love your life! Go check her blog!

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On Feminism

Pictureon feminism

I know, these videos are a few months old. But i cant help to love them!

I consider myself a feminist. No, I don’t hate men,in fact I adore them.  I just believe in gender equality.  I believe that we have the right to be treated the same way. Normally when someone hears I am a hardcore feminist, that person believes that I am bashing the male gender and that I believe us women are better.  Feminism is actually defined as gender equality, as I said before.

A couple of months ago I listen to Emma Watson’s speech on the UN. I was impressed when I listened to her speaking. The Harry Potter star is known as a down-to-earth-fight-for-rights girl, but it still shocked me. She talked about how girls stop doing the things they love because they will get muscly, or it is not appropriate for a girl. And i wonder, why it is a problem? Why breaking the “pattern” is so bad? Why trying to be successful in the business world, or being a soccer player, or even being an engineering is frown upon or not common for a woman?

We are seen as the weak gender, when we are actually capable of doing everything a man can, and in high heels! Yesterday I was watching Gilmore Girls, and a little girl went to Lorellai crying because no Hobbit girl went to the trip. Lorellai told her that the girls went to other dangerous adventures, all wearing high heels. A little girl was shown that she has the power in her, even if mass media just show men being capable of power.

Feminism is the fight women -and brave men- do against stereotypes. A girl with a pretty face isn’t considered smart, and having a nice butt and breasts define us.  We are also payed less for a job than men, even if our position is higher. Women can be leaders, we can be really amazing at that.

We are powerful girls, we really are.

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Top 8 Chick Flicks!


Girls, there is nothing better than watching a chick flick with your friends! So go ahead an grab the pop corn for these movies!
Cinderella Story: maybe Chad Micheal Murray has something to do with it, but this movie is  great! Your favorite Disney story in modern times!
Beauty and the Briefcase: finding love in the business world is not easy, but the former Disney Channel star will make you laugh the entire movie.
10 Things I Hate About You: that poem gets me every. single. time! Not only will you laugh, but you will find yourself going “aww” a lot during this movie.
How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days: i swear there was a time when I watched this movie every week. Two bets going on at the same time, and nobody is going to give up. The end is really predictable but so romantic!
Sex and the City: do i have to explain this one?
Legally Blond: this movie is everything i look for in a chick flick. Romance, comedy and girl power!
Princess Diaries: I think the fact that I watched this movie when I was little makes me have a special connection to it. But definitely seeing Mia transforming into a princess is the perfect thing.
The Proposal: Sandra Bullock never disappoints. A funny love story that will make you laugh the entire movie

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Things I’ve Learned My First Semester


Well, my first quarter of university is over. As cliche as it sounds i did learn a lot of things. I’m here to share my wisdom.
there are some classes that are easy A, and they are so easy that you will lack motivation to do well. since they are easy, work hard so you can get that A on your transcript!
go to class, even if you dont feel like it. Unless you are sick or out of town go! You will do better if you do.
cafeteria food is not that bad, you just have to get used to it and see which one is good and which one isn’t.
on that note, nothing feels better than homemade food.
get organized. in high school you had classes form 7am to 3pm, but at college you will have classes throughout the day, so you better organize yourself as when you will do homework, projects, and go to class.
get involved. maybe the first semester is way to soon, but getting involved in school activities will not only build up your resume, but will keep you busy and will help you  make friends!
there are some projects that you can do the night before, and there are others that will simply take 3 weeks to get done.
all-nighters are not a must,  in fact, i havent pull and all-nighter since i started college.

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Finals Survival Guide


Yes, is that time of the year, and no, I dont mean the trees changing colors and Starbucks selling Pumpkin Spice Latte.  It’s time for final’s study sessions. Nights full of stress are here. You will put all-nighters, you will cry and you will procrastinate. You will kind of suffer this week, but as they said: what doesnt kill you makes you stronger! You can survive this week and this study sessions, I believe in you!

playlists: listen to Hans Zimmer on Pandora. Classic music will not only help you concentrate, but your brain actually works better after listening to classic music for a while. I know that listening to Mozzart is not part of your plan, but what about Pirates of the Carribean or Lion King songs?
water: stay hydrated! you will feel so tired if your body needs water, so treat it right and drink up!
coffee: but dont over do it. yes, my blog’s name is coffee beans because i am the kind of girl who will have three shots of espresso every morning (shame on me!), but overdoing your caffeine will not be good for your brain during study sessions
group: study with people will make you realize what you have been doing wrong, or it will make you practice even more while you explain things to them!
healthy snacks: of course a bag of tostitos and queso is on the top of your list, but it will be better for you to eat an apple or some crackers with hummus! treat your body and brain right and they will pay it back!
breaks: schedule some breaks! you will need it. It might seem like you should work for 12 straight hours, but believe me, a 20 minute break will help you instead of hurting you!
planner: plan your study time, and stick to it! if you know that you have a bio exam tomorrow, dont study for psych!
bring everything with you: forget about those back-and-forth trips to your desk! pack everything you will need to study!
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The past few weeks had been hard for me. I felt weak.  I had so many good things going on; good time with friends, my posts on Her Campus Drexel, I am working for the newspaper at my school, and many other blessings. But there was one specific situation that felt like poison, that the moment it happened ruined everything else.
People told me that I have to be strong, that I have to focus on the good things. I did, I focused on my writing and my friends, I focused on my health and my life, but I felt weak when the situation happened. Yes, I stand up to it, I never backed down, but I didnt feel strong exactly. But in reality, I was.
D, my boyfriend, told me that being strong doesnt mean that I am not weak, it means that I can handle the situation and still go on with my life. Strong means being able to forget about what happened and move on, to be able to let the past go and keep your head high.
I am strong, and you are too.
Next time you feel like you are not worth it, weak, or that your voice is not heard remember that you are strong. That you are the owner of your feelings and the owner of your reactions. When the storm comes you have two options; dance under the rain or sit under a roof and wait for it to go away. The second option seems risky, but it will make you grow and it will show you how strong you really are.
You are strong, you are worth it!

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